Devin Zorn Connects in the Dallas Music Scene

Devin_Zorn_Rick_RooneyDevin Zorn is one of those Recording Connection students who graduates and just keeps on learning, whether it’s by assisting on projects, hanging out with famous guitarists, or just digging in and teaching himself.  Hang out with Devin,  for even a few minutes, it’s readily apparent that here’s a guy who’s not just passionate about recording, he’s passionate about music.

“It was in sixth or seventh grade,” Devin said, “and I had just gotten into Led Zeppelin. Everybody always wants to be like, ‘Oh, man, I want to be a rock star.’ I quickly realized when I started playing guitar—man, I suck. That goes out the window. But I’m sitting there listening to Brian Eno and Daniel Anwar talk, and move these faders around… and I’m like, ‘Oh, I could do that. I can’t be a rock star, but I will make the rock star’s music for them.'”

From there, Devin taught himself the basics of recording music. Then, he signed up with Recording Connection and was matched with mentor, Rick Rooney at January Sound in Dallas, a veteran industry professional (The Killdares, Tripping Daisy). Rooney quickly recognized Devin’s ability and potential. “I did a lot of growing with this program, with Rick at that studio. He kind of was laughing as we were going along, “Man, I don’t have to teach you anything. You just have to go.”

Even though Devin has graduated from the program with flying colors, he’s not slowing down. He’s working on numerous freelance projects and is getting entrenched in the Dallas music scene at a rapid pace. Projects include a live, in-studio tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan by Tommy Katona & The Texas Flood and Lance Lopez of Two Wolf as well as a project with Kayla Reeves of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Devin doesn’t shy away from work either.  He recently helped assist at The All-Star Jam at the Dallas International Guitar Show and got to tune a few guitars and meet Ted Nugent and Innes Sibun, Robert Plant’s guitarist. While he’s building his connections he’s also taking what he’s learning and is infusing it into his pwn project, his live band named “The Q” which Zorn describes as a distinctive blend of EDM and hard rock (“like if Pink Floyd made a dance album,” he says).

January_soundOne of the many things that Devin has going for him is the fact that he has a very knowledgeable mentor, whom he can springboard ideas off of, and who can give him advice, straight and in a way he understands. Although he’s already graduated the program, Devin spends a lot of time with Rooney at January Sound whether it’s hanging out, setting up, assisting or even collaborating and says, “I love Rick. I hang out with him whenever I have time; I stop by the studio to see who he’s teaching on my lunch break. He’s an awesome guy to talk to. I love the guy so it’s like a very close friend of mine I hold very dear to me.” Zorn also enjoys being a source of inspiration for the new incoming Recording Connection students who get to see him in action. “Whenever these new students are coming in and I’m hanging out they look at me and are like, “Wow, he really knows what he’s doing, and he went through this program. I’m going through this program. This is going to be awesome.”

Despite having a jump on the competition by being partially self-taught, the Recording Connection gave Devin Zorn the leg-up he needed to take his career to the next level. It allowed him access, proximity, an elevated skillset and a stellar industry connection that keeps on yielding more and more connections.  When we tell Zorn we’re impressed with all he’s got going on, he laughs and says, “I’m pretty stoked about where I’m going right now.” But the sense we get is here’s a guy who’s just getting started.

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