Recording Connection student Lindsey Kappa Gets Credit on Scorpion Child Album

Lindsey_KappaLindsey Kappa has always been into music. She started singing practically before she could talk or walk for that matter. And vocals aren’t her only instrument. Lindsey joined the school band in the 5th grade and started picking up instruments after that. Her repertoire includes guitar (electric and acoustic), keytar, piano, piccolo, flute, and the ukulele. But despite her love for music, Lindsey is keenly aware of the need to be smart about her career choices.

“I knew when I was 14 that being a musician wasn’t always a guarantee,” she said. “So, I ended up going to a concert for my cousin’s band, and after the show he recommended, ‘Hey, why don’t you check out sound while you start trying to pursue your music career?’”

After graduating high school, Lindsey decided to pursue an associate’s degree at an audio school in Minneapolis, MN. Even before she finished the program she knew she wasn’t prepared to go out and get working in the music industry.

“I knew I wanted some more experience, I wanted to advance my abilities. I did some research and found The Recording Connection.”

Soon after Lindsey moved to Austin, Texas to be closer to her mother, who had recently relocated there. She then enrolled in the Recording Connection’s audio engineering program. After interviewing at another studio, she was ultimately paired with mentor Grammy-nominated Chris “Frenchie” Smith of The Bubble Recording Studio, known for his work with The Dandy Warhols, Slayer, The Front Bottoms, and Jet to name just a few.

“I went to the studio and met with Frenchie. Even on the phone, I knew that we were a good match. There’s just something about his attitude and behavior. He really makes you feel like things are going to be awesome.”

scorpion_childSince she first started at The Bubble, Lindsey hasn’t wasted any time getting her hands dirty on just as many projects as possible. She recently earned an audio engineering credit for work she did on the upcoming Scorpion Child album, comb filtering the tracks to clean up the toms. Lindsey’s vocal abilities are in demand too. She even provided vocals for a song that one of the engineers was working on for a documentary. “He asked me if I could provide some vocals and I did one track.” That seems to have sealed the deal. Lindsey says, “The client loved them and now I’m going to sing through the entire piece.”

But don’t let Lindsey’s artistic abilities fool you into believing her head is full of clouds. She has got her eye on big picture stuff. This singer, multi-instrumentalist, and artist are building serious audio engineering skills. As someone who is talented in front of and behind the control board, Lindsey’s looking forward to really being able to call her own shots. “I would love to not only be able to sing professionally but also go out there and say, ‘Hey, I can engineer my own stuff.’”

So what does Lindsey have to say to others in the Recording Connection program? In a nutshell–stay strong and make opportunity happen for you!

“The most important thing about this program is don’t just take what you are handed because this is an experience that not every person gets. You want to make the most of it. You want to immerse yourself in it.”


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