Eric Gonzalez Lands Job with Warren Huart

eric_GonzalezRecording Connection graduate Eric Gonzalez is now working as assistant engineer to Recording Connection friend and mentor Warren Huart.

So did we have a hand in introducing these two? Not this time.

Instead, Eric took everything he had learned about having to be proactive and putting in the time and did just that.

Eric apprenticed under Derek O’Brien at DOB Studios in Santa Fe Springs, CA. After Eric graduated Recording Connection, he had a gameplan in place. He sent emails to every single person he could find that worked in the music business. He emailed agents, musicians, mixers, DJs, and engineers. Ultimately, he connected with Warren who put him through a whirlwind of experiences especially at NAMM earlier this year where Eric would go from working as a boom operator while Warren was filming segments with a lot of different gear manufacturers, to then running out and grabbing lunch for everyone, to them come back and help setup the SSL.

As Warren puts it:

“Basically, the bottom line is he was doing everything it takes for me to notice him and find him invaluable. And for people that work for me, I tell them all that you’ve got to get to that point where I can’t imagine not having you around. That’s really kind of what he did. He was just very persistent, and he rolled with the punches and he was able to take the sort of beating down that it is. You have to really understand your place and be humble.”

warren_Eric_Gonzalez_SpitfireWell Eric’s commitment to the work, his drive and unrelenting spirit made Warren take him on full time as his assistant engineer, working with legends like Slash and Ace Frehley.

The ability jump up in the ranks from musician and audio recording novice, to working industry professional is something Eric says our program makes possible: “I’ve been a guitarist for about 12 years. I’ve been bouncing between a ton of bands I’ve played in. The musicianship is there for me, which is also a huge plus with Warren and definitely helps. Audio engineering, I dabbled in it a bit before going to Recording Connection, but it’s once I got to Recording Connection that I really understood it, which really gave me the hands-on. I didn’t have Pro Tools. I’d never touched Pro Tools. The school definitely helped me get engaged with Pro Tools and that, of course, got me going.”

As both Eric and Warren will tell you, there’s more to life than just being talented. If you want to leave your mark, you have got to do the work, love the work and connect with the right people.

Set a tangible goal and work very, very hard to achieve it. The music industry, like all creative industries, is all about fostering relationships and being fully committed to the craft.

You know what separates the greats from the rest? Work ethic. That’s something we try to instill into our students from the word ‘Go’. Eric Gonzalez is a graduate of the Recording Connection who not only learned the tech but also took what we had to say about being proactive very seriously. Now, he’s making it work for him, recording right alongside one of the industry’s greats every single day.
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