Recording Connection staff members Launch Recording Studio in Los Angeles!

New recording studios open in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, at a pretty regular clip. But when Recording Connection staff members go in and launch a new studio of their own and hire on a number of Recording Connection graduates, well that’s noteworthy stuff indeed.abstract2
While most students expect to be starting at the bottom which is par for the course, now a number of recent program grads will be starting pretty close to the top. After years of developing curriculum and guiding apprentices, Mark Einhorn (a Student Services Advisor) and Doug Boulware (former Head of Admissions) have partnered to create Abstract LA, a state of the art recording studio, built from the ground up.

With a spacious three room layout and ample amenities, it soon became apparent to Doug that they would need help running the studio, big time. Jesse Rhodes, Hadley Alley, and now William Crutchfield have all come through the RC program. When hiring, Doug looked to our pool of graduates where he knew he’d find quality individuals. Why? Because Doug knows the curriculum step-by-step and the work ethic the training instills in the right individuals. Hiring talent to help realize the vision for the studio just wasn’t a problem. Now the focus is on turning out as much great music as possible.

@theabstractla Congrats William! #audioengineer #musicproducer #recordingconnection

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