RC grad Jesse Rothman becomes RC Mentor!

Jesse_Rothman_bannerMost people who are searching for success are looking out into the distance, attempting to figure out which way to go, how to go about making that thing we call “success” a reality. The truth is that most people out there just don’t deal with the facts and get pragmatic about making success the reality. That’s one of the first things we work to instill in our Recording Connection students.  Jesse Rothman was one student who got real and made it happen.

Since graduating Recording Connection, Jesse has become very successful, working with artists like Pitbull,  Liza Minelli and The Fray. Jesse apprenticed with Sax DMA of Terminus Studios, a stunning studio located in Times Square, New York City. To call it a thriving artistic space is an understatement. Jesse recalls the experience fondly saying, “(Sax) was very energetic… He’s very much a music guy, very loud.” Jesse and Sax become good friends and even better collaborators. Sax mentored Jesse through numerous creative challenges and helped him evolve as an artist and a businessman.

When asked how he establishes and maintains his connections Jesse replied, “The best that I can say is that if you’re a musician or you’re a mix engineer, always have your stuff on you, handy, ready to give to the right person on a flash drive. Carry flash drives and business cards around. Be ready with something just in case you do some across those people. If you show them some music, something that’ll genuinely get them interested, that’s the best way to maintain a relationship right off the bat.”

Nothing helps you maintain or establish connections like being prepared for those moments. In the music industry, you never know who you’re going to meet. Work towards being professional and unassuming. If you have your tracks on a flash drive, shake hands, be human and relatable. Don’t talk a big game, just be human when you hand them that flash drive or business card.  First impressions go a long way.  Stay humble, true, and likable.

In the time he spent in the Recording Connection, Jesse grew the skills and connections he needed to work as an engineer and music industry professional. He’s launched and sustained a successful career and now, he’s ready to help others learn how to live off of their passions by getting in the door and getting real about what success means.  Way to pay it forward Jesse! Welcome back!

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