Recording Connection mentor and DJ Taylor Franklyn is Living the Best of Both Worlds

Taylor_Franklyn_concertWant to tour the world playing music for crowds of people who like the music you like? So did Taylor Franklyn. Which is exactly what he’s done as a successful DJ. Want to run a recording studio and create music full-time? Well so did Taylor. That’s what he did when he took a position as managing engineer for Denver Media Center in Denver, CO. By focusing on opportunity and making things happen, he’s living the best of both worlds in perfect syncopation.

When asked why he expanded from DJ to production work, Taylor says, “Well, honestly just getting a little bit bored just playing other people’s music. Before I started DJing, I was in a lot of bands and went down that route for a little while. The reason I got into DJing in the first place was I was having trouble locking down a good band…So I got into DJing to be a little bit more self-sufficient in music. Anyway, I think that’s one of the reasons. And then from there, just playing other people’s music and mixing wasn’t as satisfying as writing my own stuff.”

In other words, Taylor’s musical journey has been just that, a journey and that journeying is still something he’s embracing every day. When asked about any future DJ gigs Taylor replied, “I have some pretty cool tours coming up. I’ll be playing in Guatemala…I fly back home for a couple of days and then I’m off to Europe for a two week tour…Play a couple of shows in the U.S., and then South Africa in March, which will be cool. I’ve never been to Africa.”

Taylor is a big believer in the Recording Connection. He’s one of our mentors for a good reason. He’s a positive individual with a lot of skills, a keen knowledge of what it takes to DJ and to make great EDM from scratch. Furthermore, he’s enthusiastic about teaching one-on-one and enabling fellow music heads to make their dreams a reality.

“I’m really a hands-on learner. I know that’s a cliché thing to say, but to be able to actually do stuff and not just to read it in a book…this is the ins and outs of how to actually make money in the recording industry, not just how to do this, this, and this on paper. It’s how to actually put things into practice.”


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