Ty Butler says Goodbye to the Factory Job

IMG_1652Ty Butler of Chatham, Ontario, Canada worked hard to support his family with a local factory job. Nevertheless, he knew he wanted more.

From around the age of 14 Ty had been experimenting with making beats. His love of hip hop and passion for making music was always a presence in his life. Ty found himself inspired to make music whenever he could with whatever time he did or did not have.

“At night time, when the kids would go to sleep, I’d work on music. Some nights I’d get a couple hours of sleep. Go back to the factory and do everything all over again.”

Ty found himself in the very same position thousands of frustrated musicians find themselves in. He had the capability to lay down his own beats but lacked the skills and knowhow to be competitive on a professional level. Being well-versed in how music is made professionally would take exposure and experience within the music industry. Meanwhile quitting his day job just wasn’t an option. He was stuck. “I felt like I needed to take a step further and get into the actual studio work, what goes on behind the scenes in the studio.”
Ty could have spent years locked into a job that enabled him to pay the bills but that didn’t feed him creatively. Sadly, many musicians ultimately do just that. The Recording Connection provided the opportunity for change to happen. Ty apprenticed with Nolan Mersier at Collective Studios and found his love of hip hop was refreshed through his exposure to other kinds of music and live instrumentation. “I would make beats at home all the time, but it’s different when you go to the studio and see a live band being recorded and working with live musicians.”

Ty’s now started incorporating various musical inspirations into his music and has even picked up the guitar.

“Just watching all these other genres being recorded and performed and mixed, it taught me a lot in my production. How I’ve got to format everything, how I need to mix certain sounds so they go together…Because I’ve watched my mentors, what they did with their clients, and how they’re producing songs, and how they talk to people…It’s crazy how they work with people. I learned that, and I’m doing the same thing.”

Today making music is Ty’s full time job. He makes beats at home and goes into the studio to record projects as an engineer. The factory job is a thing of the past. Ty now has his own company TNB Beatz Productions up and running, selling beats online and doing very nicely.

Ty has recently been working alongside Grammy award winner Key Wane who produced tracks for Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. He’s also had at least three different television placements for his music. He followed his heart worked hard to build a career he loves. Now he’s able to support his family by doing what he loves, making music and connecting with artists from all walks of life. He’s following his passion, growing, and finding new and inventive ways to create.


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