Marcus Charles, Making the Music he Hears in his Head

marcus_charlesSometimes you just know what it is that you’ve been put on this earth to do. For Marcus Charles, it’s to make music. When he was asked about his first musical forays, Marcus says,“I think I was in seventh grade. I took this digital music course that was offered by my middle school and ever since then, I knew I wanted to make music, produce music.”

Marcus has been driven to make his goals into reality, constantly working to make his dream dream of being a producer happen. With the full support of his parents, he even started a studio in his house in Suffern, New York where he has perfected making beats and working with local talent.

As a self-taught producer, Marcus knew he needed to up his skillset and increase his connection base. That’s why he enrolled in The Recording Connection. During his time training at Terminus Studios in New York, the real-world, apprenticeship nature of the program has helped Marcus get a firsthand understanding of how the music industry actually works. “It’s a beautiful studio,” Marcus says when asked about Terminus,“The energy in there was a positive energy…It was easy to talk to [my mentor]. He was straight to the point, like if you had a question, he was always open to any question.”

Marcus continues:

I had some basic knowledge of audio because I’ve been doing it all the while, practicing my craft by myself at home…I’ve been making music on my own, but sometimes I choke, like the ideas, like I couldn’t bring my inception into reality…But after taking the Recording Connection, I really felt like I had a really solid grasp on the whole concept, the whole world of audio…I wanted to be able to create everything that I thought of, like how I pictured it in my head. And after Recording Connection, after taking that course, I feel like I’m able to do that now more accurately.”

Discussing Marcus’ experiences with him, it’s clear that his time in the world of music production has got him to the next phase of his journey. He’s currently back at work in his home studio where he’s putting the final touches on a high-concept hip-hop album he’s calling “On a Hill, in the Trees” on which he raps as well as handles all the instrumentation, including jazz piano, with the exception of a sax and trumpeter he’s had in to record.

I’m very confident in what I’m doing and the music I’m creating,” he says. “I’ve been very excited about my album that I’m producing right now for a while. I’ve been trying to up my craft, and I feel that I’m at a point where I can really make music that I want to.”

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