Bradley Bingham Elevates his Game in L.A.

MedisinSometimes the hardest part about being an artist is being your own biggest fan. You have to constantly be excited about what you’re making. You have to always be championing your own work, saying, “Hey, look at this. Listen to this track I made.” That’s a skill that Los Angeles-based Bradley Bingham aka MEDISIN has mastered. When we sat down to chat with Bradley he was in the final stages of releasing his debut EP, collaborating on a project with a team of producers, and shopping his music to labels. Bradley has his sights set on the excelling in the recording industry, and it shows.

In our most recent interview Bradley told us, “I’ll have the EP out hopefully by middle of June…It’s hybrid dub step, or hybrid bass music would be a better clarification of that. It’s more like world music infused with all the main bass expectations that people have of dub step and the bass genres.” He’s working at getting his signature sound out there: “I try to do a show at least once a month…I’ve been submitting my stuff to blogs…I’ve been sending it to as many people as I can in the industry, sending it to talent agencies. I finally just got a new manager. She’s been helping me focus on getting my EPK solidified and then sending that out to all of the connections that she has, focused on more of the EDM labels and stuff like that.”

Bradley has been preparing himself for a musical career ever since he was a child. A lifelong music fan, he cut his teeth on classic rock and psychedelic music. He’s been in and out of bands his entire life, playing both bass and drums. Then he transitioned into electronic music. He’s been producing and mixing on his own for years now.

When first starting out as a DIY electronic artist Bradley wanted some form of education. He wasn’t sure which route to take but knew he needed some help. “I came across all of the stuff that you typically see, like Full Sail University, LA Recording, and all that,” he said. “I came across Recording Connection, actually, just from a random Google search. I started reading what it was about, and it really intrigued me how there was a mentorship program. It wasn’t necessarily based in a school setting, or a classroom setting. I really enjoyed the fact that I would be one-on-one with real industry experts.”

After enrolling, Bradley was paired with Serenity West in Hollywood, California. Serenity West has worked with some of the industry’s heaviest hitters. John Legend, Nicki Minaj, Diddy, Justin Bieber, Adele, Nas, Sia, Seal, Dave Mathews Band, just to name a few. When asked what working with a mentor was like, Bradley replied, “Steve was phenomenal. Steve gave me a great understanding on how to record vocals and a more fine-tuned understanding on the board, exactly what he would suggest to get a better recording overall and then, a better mix.”

Now more than ever, Bradley is excited to take the music industry by storm. Not only does he have a concrete plan of action, but he also has a connection pool, a finely honed skillset, and team of friends who are going to assist him. Look out for MEDISIN’s music. You’ll be hearing it sooner rather than later.

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