Recording Connection’s Learn from Legends Program Wins Pensado Award!

That’s right, this past Saturday, August 20th, we were honored with the Pensado Award for Excellence in Audio Education at the 2016 3rd Annual Pensado Awards, hosted at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA. Our very own CEO Jimi Petulla and Consultant Brian Kraft were there to accept the award on behalf of all our mentors, students, graduates, staff, supporters, and everyone who helps make Recording Connection great!
What’s the Learn from Legends Program?
The Recording Connection Program is open to anyone who wants to delve deeper into their craft. This is a unique opportunity for seriously hungry, dedicated individuals to study directly with an audio legend, in their recording studios, one-on-one as their private apprentice. Coursework is flexible and the length of study and curriculum are crafted to meet the students’ needs (4 months and longer). Whether it’s advanced engineering, production, mixing, mastering, post, songwriting, game video, composition, film scoring, you name it, we can make it happen!

Here are a few of the Legends involved with our newly launched program:

Thank you to our Legends mentors for helping us with the launch and implementation of the Learn from Legends Program. Your willingness to give of your time and pay it forward to the next generation of audio engineers, mixers, music producers and artists inspires us all.

Have someone you think would be great for the Learn from Legends Program? Let us know!

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