Next Music Mogul Guerry Magison Jr


“I used to be in sales, and it was too stressful,” Guerry says when asked about his life trajectory. “Medical sales, continuing medical education, I worked for a medical device company before that, everything from NASA, to health insurance. And before that I worked in audio visual production sales…[But] my heart has always been in music.”

Guerry had been trying to make the move out of sales for about five years but life moves at its own pace sometimes. Nevertheless, Guerry stayed in it, connecting with artists in the Atlanta music scene and one day it happened, Guerry was asked to manage a few local artists.

“It kind of put me in the role as a producer, but at the same time, as an executive producer,” he said, “because a lot of these artists I end up backing and putting my own money in and then making sure the final product was as is, and also helping out on the creative side. That’s what I really love.”

As Guerry gained momentum and traction producing and managing these acts, he decided he wanted to get solid chops and understanding as to what goes into the recording and engineering process. The last thing Guerry wanted was to be one of those “producers” who didn’t know a fader from faded, who couldn’t speak the language of the engineers he’d be working with, and so, he decided to join Recording Connection.

Within weeks, Guerry was paired with mentor Flip Frazier at East Atlanta Records. It wasn’t long before Flip recognized Guerry’s passion for producing artists. He called him in to talk one day and told him, “You’ve always got some artist you are trying to pull in and bring in with us to record…I have more confidence in you and your abilities than you even probably have about yourself, so why don’t we just start now? You do need to do the school. At the same time, I will help you to bring these people in and I will help you record…We’ll start recording and bring them in. You can watch me and I will help you on the engineering side of things.”

Right about this time Atlanta hip hop artist Fre$h Boi approached Guerry after he’d recently parted with his label. Since then, they’ve released Fre$h Boi’s latest track. An LP is in the works. All in all, Guerry has seven Atlanta based artists under his music production company, G Mansion Music and he’s working with A&R expert Lawton “Agent” Bouhaire who has placed music with some of the music industry’s biggest names and just helped Guerry land an affiliate deal with Empire Distribution.

Back in the studio, Guerry and Flip are focused on working with artists and making music that needs to be made. When asked what he thinks of his mentor, Guerry says, “Flip is the best mentor I could ever imagine. He told me ‘I see you being executive producer, so I am going to network you with (my clients), and you just keep doing what you are doing because you’re doing one hell of a job.’…I see the big picture ahead of me, and it’s within reach right now. It’s never been more palpable than now to make this my career.”

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