Recording Connection mentor Edwin Ramos Receives 4th Grammy Nomination

Recording Connection mentor Edwin Ramos and student David Smith
Producer/engineer and Recording Connection mentor, Edwin Ramos has received his 4th Grammy nomination, this time under the Best Latin Jazz category for his work on Entre Colegas, the debut solo album from acclaimed bassist Andy González.

Edwin’s first Grammy win was for his work on Mary J. Blige’s “He Think I Don’t Know.” Additionally, Edwin spends his time paying it forward, mentoring tomorrow’s audio engineers and producers through Recording Connection. We recently checked in with him at his new 6,500 sq. foot studio in Bridgeport, CT, to chat about the industry, his nomination, and mentoring the next generation.

When asked how he got involved in the project that would ultimately garner him another Grammy nomination Edwin says, “It was a project that was brought to me by some friends of mine that run a label here out of Connecticut…They approached me, you know, they asked me if I’d mind working with him as a mixer and [provide] recording services if needed. And I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely.’ I took a listen to the project, and I absolutely loved it. And I knew it was an important project because Andy…he’s a legendary player but he’s been playing for many, many years and has never recorded a solo album. So this is his chance to do that. I really had to jump at the opportunity to work with Andy on his first solo album. I’m glad I did.”

Edwin works with students from all walks of life and all age ranges. And even though he’s busy, very busy, he even went well out of his way last year when he helped his former apprentice Chris Litwin, a former senior mechanic and highway supervisor, open his own recording studio in nearby Danbury, CT.

When asked what about the projects he has on the horizon, he says, “I have quite a few projects that I’m working on right now. You we just finished—not too long ago, I was out in Miami recording a 30-piece string section for Brian McKnight… I [also] have this small independent label that I’ve launched actually recently. And my first artist is Judy Gonzalez, a Latina singer from out here in Connecticut. She came in and recorded a couple of songs. We released one as the first single, and we’re looking to release more in the near future actually. But she’s already opening up shows with some pretty big Latin artists here in the Northeast area. So we’re really excited. Her single is doing very well.”

Between recording, engineering, producing, and mentoring, Edwin is a very busy person. He’s constantly on grind, making it happen. His apprentices get to see him in action, working the soft-skills it takes to succeed. His advice on how tomorrow’s audio engineers and music producers can get their career going is straightforward: “You’ve got to get out there, you’ve got to meet people, you got to put together some good work. At the end of the day that’s what people remember.” Under Edwin’s tutelage his apprentices get to experience the tremendous work ethic and pin-point focus to detail that the multi-genre professional brings to his work. Chris Litwin and a number of other program grads have called Edwin “An absolute genius.” The moniker doesn’t surprise us one bit.

Congrats Edwin!

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