Rising Star Emily Stamer on the Creation of LUCY

Recording Connection OrlandoTwo years ago Recording Connection student Emily Stamer (Orlando, FL) was in attendance at the world-renowned EDC festival. Seeing Bassnectar’s performance did something to her. For some reason she instinctively knew she wanted to be up there performing. Time flew by, nevertheless the thought persisted. Finally, she reached out to Recording Connection and was teamed up with mentor/DJ/producer Joey Paranoia. As they say, the rest is history.

Under her performance moniker “LUCY,” Emily is making her mark as one of the few Ableton Live DJs playing in the Orlando EDM scene. We recently reached out to the young artist/producer to learn more about the inspiration behind her alien alter-ego.

RRFC: So could you tell us how you came up with Lucy as your artist name?

Emily: I love The Beatles. So basically I was listening to The Beatles. It wasn’t the “Lucy In The Sky” one, but that’s my favorite one of their songs. I was driving in Wekiwa with a friend. It’s beautiful, very luscious. It’s like my mini Hawaii, is what I call it. I just felt the best energy I’ve felt in a while, and I just saw it. I literally saw “Lucy” in pink letters dripping with an alien hand, because I always send the alien hand when I’m texting, the little emoji. My friend was beside me and I told her the idea. She immediately drew it out, and it was just crazy. It just happened so quickly. After that I told my tattoo artist the vision I was having. So he drew it up and I have the original drawing hanging up over my equipment. I’m looking at it right now. Then I had my friend recommend his friend who did my digital design, and he made it pink ombré and melting, and it was just really cool how quickly it developed. I thought of the idea and within a month, Lucy was born.

RRFC: So you’ve been playing the circuit in Orlando and have a four song EP in the works. What is Joey, your mentor, helping you with now? How is he helping your further this process for yourself?

Emily: He’s helping me produce, just learn everything. Producing is a whole other animal from mixing on Live. You don’t stop learning on producing…Sometimes I get really stuck or I just have writer’s block or I forget how to do something, because I just started all this. I started producing maybe two months ago. I started mixing six months ago. Joey helps me get unstuck. He helps me loosen up and realize I am super new, I’m going as fast as I can and I don’t want to rush it, because there’s no point to. He really helped me remain calm and realize my true potential with all of this. In our lessons right now we just go over my EP and he sees what I’ve added, and he tweaks it or says, “You should do this.” He’s just really the best mentor in the world for me.

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Update: Now known as “Lucii” (@LuciitheAlien) is playing Thunderdome 2020!

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