Afropop Ambassador, Recording Connection grad Fredrick Nsiah

Fredrick Nsiah aka Exgee Working in the music industry can be a long road. It can also take some initiative and self-directed energy to really push things in the right direction. Being someone who has wanted to work in the music industry puts you in a pretty large pool. Being someone who actually does something about it? Well, that’s a smaller pool.

Ghanaian American artist/producer Fredrick Nsiah (Washington, DC) aka Exgee is hard at work making a name for himself within the world of Afropop. As the CEO of ExGee Entertainment, he’s teamed up with Ghanaian artists Gh Rosby and Eben Kapture and HappyBoy from Italy. The video has already generated more than 300,000 views, Ebefawo - Exgee rings true to the song’s anthem “Ebefawo” which translates as “It will attract you.”

Fredrick explains, “When you go back home in Ghana and you dress up nice and everybody sees you—‘Damn, you’re dressing good. We were walking around on the street, and then there was a girl around the street. She was like, ‘Damn, you guys, your dressing has attracted me,’ in my language. ‘Ebefawo afami.’ That means it attracts me. So we all responded at the same time, ‘Ebefawo’…‘It will attract you.’” Within minutes, they were laying down the makings for a song.

Like many producers and artists, Fredrick started making music in his bedroom on a laptop. Not being completely happy with how his mixes were sounding, he decided to search out a way to learn what he needed to do to improve the sound and quality of his tracks. He found Recording Connection online and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fredrick was paired with Recording Connection mentor Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios, a master of multiple genres who’s known as one of the pioneer engineers of the Hardcore DC Punk movement of the 80’s and 90’s, and featured in The Foo Fighters HBO Documentary Sonic Highways.

Already mainstream in Europe, Fredrick’s setting his sights on making Afropop go big in the U.S:

In Europe it’s very huge: Amsterdam, Italy, London. Most of Europe. It’s very big…It blew up over there. I see artists here in America are trying to get in there, too. Like Drake. He’s getting in there, French Montana also, Omarion, Tyga. Some artists are getting in it. You know Ed Sheeran? He actually went to my country too and did a song in my language.”

Having revved up his production skills and with his ex-mentor Don being “just a phonecall away” Fredrick Nsiah aka Exgee is in prime position to launch. Keep the groovy tunes coming Exgee! We’ll be listening!

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