April Edwards Takes Charge, Lands Job as Engineer and Studio Manager!

Recording Connection graduate April EdwardsFinding your place when you’re starting out can be difficult. But, with hard work, courage, and the mindset to make oneself an indisputable asset anything is possible.

April Edwards did just that when she apprenticed with Nitrosonic in Lexington, Kentucky.

Nitrosonic Music is a full-service recording, mixing, and mastering studio that specializes on being a one-stop shop for local musicians. They even have rehearsal space for artists and bands who are in need of a place to setup and perfect their sets. It didn’t take long for April to realize that no one was on top of the books when it came to monetizing the rehearsal rentals.

April says, “I kind of saw this opportunity opening up, maybe. I wasn’t going to push for anything, but while I was in community college I took two business classes, business management classes. So I thought one day I could manage or engineer here…So I kind of saw it coming and I took the opportunity and I educated myself.”

The studio owner gave April a 30-day trial period to see what she could do. It’s worked out so well that now April’s been able to put more of her business and marketing skills into the works. New clients are walking in and she’s even got a cross-promotion running with The Lyric Theater, a famous local theatre in Lexington which hosts events and shows including the Lexington Music Awards and the “Old-Time Radio Hour.”

Thanks to the training she received through Recording Connection, April’s got the hands-on skills she needs to man the post of lead engineer. Currently, she’s recording cowpunk band Hillbilly Alarm Clock and the garage-rock infested Nine Pound Hammer. As studio manager, she’s focused on keeping things running in tip top shape and getting more great acts recording at the studio.

Speaking of her goals for the studio, April says:

“The artists that come in here want to be treated like anybody wants to be treated entering a business. It’s supposed to be a professional environment. We want them to feel welcome…I really try to go the extra mile…I want to give them quality and I want to give them an experience that they want to keep coming back. I want this to be their studio.”

And, as if that isn’t already enough, April’s also getting back to her own music. She’s looking to release three of her own tracks, written, sung, recorded, mixed/mastered and produced on her own. Armed with talent, solid engineering skills, and business smarts, April is one powerhouse player who advises anyone who is looking to build their own career in music and recording to get proactive:

“Anything you want to do, you can’t expect somebody to do it for you. That was the reason I got into this, was because I was tired of relying on people to produce my music… My thought is that you want something done, you want it done right, you do it yourself.”

We can’t wait to hear the EP April! Congrats!

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