Recording Connection students Get Fender Scholarship & Train with Legend!

Two Recording Connection students are having an amazing time learning advanced music production techniques and building a composition from start to finish under the mentorship of legendary producer and Recording Connection mentor, Adam Moseley (Beck, Nikka Costa/Lenny Kravitz, John Cale, Wolfmother, Spike Jonze, U2)!

It’s all happening thanks to Fender who is sponsoring tuition for the two recipients, electronic music producer Fay Garrison and audio engineer Uriel Soto Jr., both based in Los Angeles, California.

Recording Connection’s Consultant, Brian Kraft, considers the Fender Musical Instruments Corp/Recording Connection Scholarship a great opportunity:

“We can think of no better way to show our continuing support for trusted brands like Fender who are paving the way forward in music making than to partner up for this stellar opportunity and enable two gifted and deserving individuals to advance their knowledge and build their repertoire and industry experience by working with this sought-after master of mixing, engineering, and production.”

Recipient Fay Garrison is deeply appreciative of the opportunity to add to her arsenal of music production knowhow through training with Adam Moseley. Fay’s background in music springs from a lifetime immersed in classical music. After spending nearly a decade at the USU Youth Conservatory, where she started at the age of 8, Fay went on to study piano at Western Oregon University. While there, her musical destiny changed when her brother introduced her to European-based alternative electronic project, VNV Nation. Paired with her interest in science fiction, Fay’s move towards electronic music production has given her a newfound perspective on the many possibilities within the electronic music sphere. Thanks to Recording Connection and Fender, Fay is now channeling her rich extensive musical abilities into creating new music and pushing the boundaries of the ever-expanding genre.

Fay Garrison

“Working with Adam is an awesome privilege because of his awareness about how to conceptualize music and I find it’s similar to the way that I think and I want to want to constantly be exploring new ways of making music…I am so thankful to be participating with Fender whose creative efforts have impacted people in profound and meaningful ways…I feel so happy to be able to have the in-depth music discussions that I can’t have with most people who might not understand because they haven’t had the same exposure and learning experience I have had.”

Although Fay trained classically at a prestigious music conservatory, she’s no music snob:

“That’s exactly why I got into this stuff is because I think it’s all music. It’s all sound. I like to say the [it’s the] study of sound and how sound can be powerful and impacting. That’s really how I feel about it.”

Fender/Recording Connection Scholarship recipient Uriel Soto Jr. cites his musical family as being the source of his musical roots. From playing multiple instruments in church, to singing in the choir, to becoming a session player (piano & organ) in his late teens, Uriel’s interest naturally extended into recording, which led him to Recording Connection, where he trained with longtime mentor Donny Baker, in both the basic and advanced programs. After completing the Advanced program, Uriel was offered an audio engineering position at ES Audio, where he learned the ropes as an apprentice. Now with a number of years and dozens of projects under his belt, Uriel credits Recording Connection for making his success attainable:

Uriel Soto

“Growing up without a lot of financial aid, always on my own I thought I can’t afford a school like Recording Connection…It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.”

But as any of the greats will tell you, the learning never, ever stops and Uriel is soaking up all he can while training and collaborating with Adam Moseley:

“I’ve learned so much as far as mixing, having a concept about the song or any production that you’re doing into. He’s opened my mind onto how mixing is not just a flat plane. It has multiple dimensions, it has height…

I want to thank Fender for this opportunity. Thank you so much Fender.


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