Unique Recording Studios introduces W.O.M.P VST!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The guys at Recording Connection mentor studio, Unique Recording Studios (URS), are introducing a new VST with the bedroom producer in mind. Weapons of Mass Production aka W.O.M.P. comes stocked with instruments all made in-house at URS. Its a beast that runs lean so that you can listen, load, and get back to working on your production. We’ll be offering a sizable discount to confirmed Recording Connection students and grads so stay tuned!

Release date: July 1st (mark your calendar and this page).
We asked Shane to tell us all about W.O.M.P. Here’s the lowdown in his own words.

1. Why make a VST with so many other options out there?

As a producer I know the feeling of scanning through endless preset after preset on numerous VST’S to find that one sound that works…but then still feeling like stock presets don’t give it that feel and vibe so I then end up spending the time tweaking the original sounds to arrive at a sound I am happy with. Being in the industry you have to be efficient and able to produce and arrive at decisions quickly…time and creating trends don’t wait for you. You want to have radio ready quality sounds at your disposal with the click of a button. I decided to change the playing field a little bit by creating W.O.M.P (Weapons of Mass Production).

2. Why is W.O.M.P different from other VST’S? What does it sound like?

The Vibe! It’s just a different animal…but to start…W.O.M.P is 100% original no copied sounds no gimmicks. All sounds have been recorded, processed in house @ Unique Recording Studios through an analog chain process to include console saturation, gain staging, compression, eq, effects and various saturation circuits with a little bit of magic dust… Every sound is rich and harmonic and vibey…We are not trying to be the PRETTY & CLEAN VST! We are all about creating a VIBE and FEEL. We have all the flexibility like the other VST’s but it’s our sounds that make the difference. I wanted to create a VST where you would just load a preset and you have the VIBE loaded and ready to create your next hit! In our totally biased opinion we also think the VST is sexy and cool to look at! take that you other dull uncool VST’s!

3. How were the sounds made? What inspired the process?

We spent over 400 hours in R&D to make sure that this VST brought something special to the table. I also am a big opponent to following rules. Rules are meant to be broken in the music industry. This directly impacted the sound of W.O.M.P. an example of this is we recorded a drum hit by recording a playground slide being hit from the bottom of the slide with my hand. We then pitched it down, removed the attack and release of the sound itself providing a tighter thump sound, we then processed it with some console saturation, eq and compression and that magic dust 😉 and created from this process a banging kick! We did this with over 700 sounds to create W.O.M.P – All original All VIBE!

4. With 700 sounds… this must take up a ton of memory and hard drive space?

Nope! We will leave that up to the other VST development companies. We wanted to create a VST that was not going to slow down and kill the VIBE! There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for a 3-4 GB piano sample to load in the middle of creating a hit record. We wanted this VST to be the producers/music creators main tool for creating music when inspiration strikes so we wanted the sounds to be high quality but also be able to run multiple instances of them at once. More important to us is allowing creativity to flow!

5. Will this work on MAC/PC and on any DAW?

W.O.M.P VST will work on both MAC/PC across all DAW’S. Again we wanted to create a VST that was the go-to for every producer. We don’t discriminate over here. It does not matter what DAW you use…for us whats important is using the tools and workflow that helps you create your art efficiently. W.O.M.P is the missing piece in that workflow.

6. What’s the deal with the BIG KNOBS?

Inspiration is what those BIG KNOBS are about! We created over 40+ combos at Unique Recording Studios that just had a vibe and meshed well together…We then wanted to help create unique sounds that the end user could manipulate them as they see fit 😉 Just another way of helping you create your ART!

7. I’m Sold! So what is this going to cost me? When will it be available?

We wanted this VST to be affordable for everybody from the bedroom producer to the industry veteran. This amazing VST is going to cost only $124.99 with expansion packs costing $39.99 as they roll out. This VST’ will be expanding and evolving! W.O.M.P will release July 1st, 2019 with expansion packs dropping every 3-4 months! Set your calendar and bookmark this page. We’ll add info to it on the release date!


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