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audio engineer Rohan Solomon at Engine Room Audio
Rohan Solomon at Engine Room Audio, NYC

*Featured image, Rohan Solomon 2017 graduate of Recording Connection for Audio Engineering and Music Production, now Production Manager at ES Audio in New York City where he trained as an extern.

As far back as you can remember, music has been part of your life. Whether it was the first CD you bought, the first album you downloaded, or the first song you streamed. Maybe your parents turned you on to music at a young age, or maybe you came by it naturally.

As you listen, you make mental notes of how you would have changed the melody or added a different sample. You’ve even pulled out some vinyl that your parents – or grandparents! – are still holding on to, even appreciated the cracks and pops the needle produces as the record spins underneath.

There’s no denying it: you have music in your soul. But how can you access it and get it out there to share with the world?

With technology today, you can crank out a hip hop beat or even a few minutes of trance on a phone or other mobile device. There are all kinds of free apps available online to turn your computer into a little recording studio of your own.

But you’re destined for more than a few monitors set up in the bedroom (and headphones if you have roommates). You want to work with artists. You’re thinking about working in sound design, audio production, and more. Maybe you want to be the guy or gal who sets up the mics to capture the sound that brings it all together, maybe you want to be the person mixing the sound the audience hears at live shows in some of the hottest venues or avant-garde spaces. You want to be an audio engineer.
Empty Sound Studio
And while you can just go for it solo right now, download a digital audio workstation or save up for the appropriate gear, how do you know if you’re getting the most out of yourself? While making music isn’t necessarily about a grade point average, you could benefit from some kind of learning situation.

What if those learning opportunities are nowhere near you? You could drive a couple of hours – each way – to attend class or move to where the school is located. But if you’re already paying tuition, shelling out more money for gas or moving far from home base isn’t a very promising situation. And how flexible will your boss be if you’re unavailable for four or five hours in the middle of the day?

Consider Recording Connection. We’re not an ordinary school of music: we offer programs for sound engineering, electronic music production, hip hop production and beat making, and more. Instead of a classroom, you’ll be placed in a working sound studio where you’ll get one-on-one training from a working music producer or audio engineer. Yes, there are lesson plans, quizzes, and tests, but you’ll be getting a one-on-one education from an industry professional and that’s a whole different ball of wax.

Many Recording Connection mentors are leaders and game changers in the music industry, working with international stars like Beyonce, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Skrillex. Using the latest music technology like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, you’ll get hands-on experience learning how music gets made. The amount of studio time you get with Recording Connection is unlike anything you’ll find at conventional music or recording schools and conservatories and the tuition is surprisingly affordable for most.

You won’t have to move to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Memphis to do it, either. Recording Connection has nearly 120 mentors located in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Live north of the border? We have locations in nine Canadian provinces too.

Don’t worry about your work schedule, either. We realize many of our students need to hold down jobs so they can pursue a career in music. Luckily, the music business isn’t a 9-5 type of job. Once paired with a mentor, the two of you can work out times that are beneficial to your learning experience.

Maybe your dream is a little bit closer than you think. You’re still going to have to work for it though. We’re bringing the mentor you, you’ll have to bring determination, focus, and responsibility to us. Many of our externs have found work shortly after completing their programs, either at the studios they learned, through connections they made while in their programs of study, or by using the smarts they acquired to strike out on their own.

There are no guarantees of course. But if music has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember, this is your chance to start working towards a career. Still think there are no opportunities to learn audio engineering near you?

Think again. Then apply today.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.