Spotlight On… Star Student Richard Sedden Jr.

Richard Sedden Jr. recording Boots Greene at Breed Studio

Recent graduate of Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production, Richard Sedden Jr. had long time mentor Joey Heier (Crystal Clear Recording Studio) blown away the first time he heard him play:
[break side=”left”] “In over 34 years of teaching I experienced something magical with Mr. Richard Sedden. He came in and was very, very quiet. As time went on, I asked him to please play my piano. At that point I said, ‘This kid is a star. I need to get him recognized.’ I heard him play [and] in 30 seconds I knew he was outstanding.
[break side=”left”] [After hearing him play] I said, ‘Is this a new song that you’re working on? He said, ‘No I just wrote it.’
[break side=”left”] I can only say wonderful things about Mr. Richard Sedden. What a wonderful student. It’s such an honor to be his mentor.”
[break side=”left”] As a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, organ, keyboard, drums and now has engineering and production training under his belt, Richard is off to a great start.
[break side=”left”] After finishing Recording Connection, he connected with Tony Moore of Breed Studio. Tony then sent him on a regional tour, playing keys for upcoming artist Devon Lee. And as is often the case in music, it all happened last minute. Here’s what Richard told us about the gig:
[break side=”left”] “It was on a Thursday. He [Tony] called me. He was like, ‘Hey, man, do you want to do this tour? You’re going to leave on Sunday morning.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool, sure, I’ll do it.’ …So I flew down to be with them for a full week. First day, on Sunday, we went to Chicago. Did a thing there because we were opening up for The Bomb Digz.
[break side=”left”] After that, we came back to Philly for a studio session and a rehearsal at Tony Moore’s studio. Then after that, the next day we went to Washington D.C. [then] New York City. Then on Friday, we went to Boston. After that we came back home. So yeah, that was my first tour. Everything was amazing.”
[break side=”left”] We’ll have more on Richard and his experiences in Recording Connection in an upcoming newsletter, so stay tuned!
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