How to Become a Music Entrepreneur?

how to be a music entrepreneur
Recording Connection mentor Parker Ament

Some might say there’s no such thing as a “music entrepreneur.” We say all working music producers, composers, songwriters, audio engineers, and DJs are undoubtedly entrepreneurs. Aside from the product or service, entrepreneurs all share common traits. People building a better mousetrap, bringing an invention to market, or starting a successful music career all need the same thing—determination.

It goes deeper than that of course but it’s true. There’s a learning curve, the ability to handle those tough times (and the good times!), and the drive to never give up. These are your DREAMS we’re talking about. The one thing that all prosperous entrepreneurs have in common is they never give up on their dreams.

Just remember to keep an eye on every aspect of the process. Music entrepreneurship is more than being innovative with a product or service. It involves a certain amount of business acumen, setting goals, agility, the ability to be objective, and the belief in yourself and your abilities. Once you’ve built that better mousetrap, it’s time to release it to the world.

How to Make it as a Music Entrepreneur?

These three tips can help you build relationships, improve your skills, and create industry connections that will last a lifetime. Sean Giovanni, Recording Connection mentor and producer/engineer at The Record Shop in Nashville says, “Where I tell students to start is to define what their purpose is. When you have your purpose, you know that you’re meant to do something, and you’ve committed to doing it, then it’s so much easier to stay consistent with it.”

Through the ups and downs, you need to remember your purpose. This could include the occasional detour but just make sure all roads lead back to your purpose. Every goal should bring you one step closer, even if those first few steps are smaller ones. In fact, because those smaller goals are oftentimes easier to achieve, they’re essential to building our confidence and getting some momentum going.

On that point, music entrepreneur Giovanni says, “Goal-setting is extremely important, but a lot of people start with the biggest goals, I did that, too. I had these major goals to achieve, and you’re so focused on the final destination that it’s hard to see the steps that you’re taking and how far you’ve progressed along the way. So I started focusing on smaller goals.”

1. Music Networking Events

Vic Castaldo, the owner of Victory Recording Studio and former Recording Connection student extern, started his music career from his mom’s guest bedroom. Through determination, research, and ever-expanding experience, he opened his own studio months after graduating from the Audio Engineering and Music Production program. In order to reach potential clients, he had to put himself out there.

By hosting a monthly networking event for the local creative community, he’s able to bring like-minded people together. Through promotions and networking events, Castaldo helps lift up other small business owners by promoting their services. The key part? They do the same thing for him and his studio. Finding musicians to collaborate with can help you be successful in the music industry.

“It’s just for local creators to get together and realize that there really are people doing this,” Castaldo says. “If you need a videographer, here’s this guy. Get his Instagram. Start liking his stuff, share it on your story. That’s going to all come back for you, once you do that for other people, it’s a snowball effect.”

2. Show Your Talent

Parker Ament and Danny Ferrare, Recording Connection mentors and the owners of XLNT Studios in Hollywood, used producing YouTube videos on their channel XLNT Sound as a means to build community and accelerate the founding and growth of their studio and unique brand.

By producing content and feeding the need for direct, entertaining tutorials, it wasn’t long before bedroom producers, songwriters, and all manner of audiophiles were following XLNT and clients were knocking on their doors.

“We wanted to find a vehicle to release our own music and produce individually,” Parker said. “So, we were trying to figure out how to do that without a record label, without anybody else’s help. We both watched tutorials online, like on YouTube all the time, and we were like, ‘Why don’t we just do production tutorials?’ So we could do those tutorials online and then have people come to the studio. In turn, that would get business for the studio and get our names out.”

3. Work With Industry Pros

Are you a self-taught engineer that has actually never been in a studio? Or are you new to the world of music-making and looking for an education? Recording Connection has a program for you, no matter how much experience you have. With our Audio Engineering and Music Production School and our advanced program, we have something for everyone. Become a music entrepreneur and immerse yourself in the music industry while working with music legends and pros.

With Recording Connection’s externship programs, you’re placed inside a working studio, mentored one-on-one with someone already making it in the industry. Learn the basics, fine-tune what you already know, and amplify your life with professionals who work with some of the biggest names in the music business.

Our mentors have worked with Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Kanye West, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and many, many more artists from across the musical spectrum. We believe the opportunities, training, and experience you receive at Recording Connection far outpace what you’ll receive from any 4-year university classroom. Even better? Recording Connection does it all at the fraction of the cost.

Knowing your way around a studio, becoming adept at building and managing your relationships with a wide variety of artists, and knowing how to establish multiple revenue streams, as well as how much to charge for your services, are all the hallmarks of a successful entrepreneur in the music industry. In addition to producing, engineering, and other creative aspects of music-making, Recording Connection also offers a Music Business School to give our externs a deeper, more in-depth understanding and skillset on the business-side of making music.

Ready to Amplify Your Life? Reach out for more information.

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