Advantages of Online Music Production School

Computer technology and the internet have made it possible for just about anyone to start making music. And that’s great! Digital audio workstation software makes it possible for you to create songs, beats, samples, and more from just about any device.

Can I learn music production online?

Free versions of the software or “trial subscriptions” mean you can try several options before making a purchase. And as your skills grow, you can start adding hardware and software to create your own studio. With a powerful enough computer and a reliable internet connection, you could become the next big artist to enter center stage in music.

A black and white image of Angelina Alvardo using a digital audio workstation.
Angelina Alvardo using a digital audio workstation.

Let’s be honest, though. Without some experienced guidance or connections to the industry, it can become a long, arduous journey. One that saps the strength of even the most driven people. It’s a double-edged sword: all of that technology that made it so easy for you to learn how to create music? Turns out, everyone else is using it, too.

Google and other search engines have made it possible to learn music production—to a point. Discussion forums, YouTube videos, FAQs on the software websites, and other online outlets make being self-taught more viable than yesteryear. But whose advice is credible and how can one build a solid foundation in music production when, simply put, there’s no way of knowing what you don’t know and thereby filling in the cracks that result from learning production in a piecemeal, fragmented manner.

While tutorials make it easier than ever to become self-taught, nearly anyone with a mobile phone and YouTube account can make a how-to video nowadays. Whether you’re learning an instrument, a new piece of gear, or new software, you can be sure that there’s a video for that.

Those online tutorials you’re following? So is everyone else who’s trying to get their music heard. When learning with a pro audio engineer or music producer, the conversation is fluid, following your experience or knowledge base. Conversations, doing it hands-on, and cementing what you’re learning through practice, repetition, and creative application rather than poking around the internet for hours looking for an answer is what we do.

Work with music industry professionals

Unfortunately, there’s no give and take when watching a video or reading a tutorial. Maybe you just want to learn one aspect of a digital audio workstation, but you may have to watch a 45-minute video to find the part you need help with. If you have follow-up questions, there’s no one to ask.

That’s where working with a professional, face-to-face so to speak, pays instant dividends. Discussion can grow organically, you can get direct answers to your questions, and you can get real hands-on experience. Working with an individual gives you a personalized experience as well. Geek out on getting that vintage sound? Delve into it with a pro! Want to create beats full of intricate polyrhythms? Dive into your thing with a pro and get a solid foundation while you’re at it.

That’s what makes working with someone so valuable to begin with. They can tell you what to concentrate on, tell what you’ve already got down pat, work on your weaknesses, and improve your strengths. That’s just not something you can get with a video or online tutorial.

Why should you choose an online music production school?

If you’re serious about pursuing a career in the music industry, streamline the educational process and get trained in months. If you live in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and other entertainment hubs, it’s pretty easy to find music schools for audio engineering or music production. However, if you live elsewhere around the country, those opportunities might not be available.

With online education, you can meet with your instructor no matter where they’re located. Is it the same as being in the studio? Of course not. But you’ll still have access to an industry insider who not only knows their craft but the music business as a whole, too.

Getting a music education online means you won’t have to uproot your entire life, either. Why quit your job or leave friends and family behind if you don’t have to? The music industry doesn’t adhere to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule, so finding an online course that works with your hours is much easier than if you were to attend a music school with a set schedule, brick-and-mortar location, and all the overhead that it requires.

Learning online with established music production courses

Did you know Recording Connection has been offering both in-person and remote audio engineering and music production courses for decades? We’ve been working on creating more access for those that want to become sound engineers, producers, or other music professionals since 1989. Thousands of our graduates have gone on to work in studios, start their own studios, and build careers as music producers.

That may be the greatest benefit of online programs with Recording Connection. You’re learning how to make music in today’s landscape from someone who’s doing it in the real world. Every day is a chance to impress a future employer, co-worker, or make a connection that can help you achieve your goals.

Our programs last six to nine months and cost just a fraction of a four-year program at university, although financial aid is available. We place you with a working professional where you’ll learn music theory, how to copyright your music, build a brand, and other aspects of the music industry.

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