The Advantages of Learning Audio Engineering Online

Audio engineers work closely with music producers to make sure your favorite artists sound the way they’re supposed to. With technical expertise that’s more scientific than artistic, audio engineers make sure the gear their clients are working with is not only properly maintained but properly used.

Although it can take years to master, you can accelerate the process by learning from an experienced professional. YouTube videos, online tutorials, and discussion boards can only take you so far. Being able to ask questions and get answers in real-time or get immediate feedback on your work will ensure you waste as little time as possible.

But you may not be able to put your life on hold to attend a four-year university or take a two-year program at a community college or trade school. There may not even be one in your area! That’s where the advantages of learning audio engineering online can provide solutions to your roadblocks.

Oluyomi Osh using music production gear at homeSet your schedule like an audio engineering pro

The music industry rarely punches a clock. Long hours in the studio and working with clients who don’t stick to a normal 9-to-5 schedule are all part of the career. A successful engineer is ready to work when their clients are, which means being available at almost any time. But this can work to your advantage.

Many online classes can be taken during the evening, when you get home, after making dinner, or when the kids go to bed. Miss a class? In some cases, classes can be recorded allowing you to keep pace. You don’t want to miss too many classes of course, but you shouldn’t be forced to fall behind because of a sick kid.

Focus your learning on your audio engineer education

With four-year universities, trade schools, and junior or community colleges, there’s usually a certain number of prerequisite classes you’ll be required to take. Whether or not those classes work towards your career path or even if you already know the information are immaterial concerns for these schools. In order to graduate or earn certification, you’ll just have to attend any class they deem necessary and jump through the hoops and get the grades you need to move up.

With many online courses, you can choose your area of specialization. By sticking to a syllabus that focuses on what you want to learn, you may be able to save time and money while getting the education you need to reach your career goals.

Learn audio engineering anywhere location doesn’t matter

In almost any profession, there will be schools that focus on certain industries. Most of America has to pack up their lives and move hundreds or thousands of miles to attend those schools. It’s no different for audio engineering or if you want to attend the “name” universities.

Audio engineering is a little different in that it deals with more technical aspects of the music production process. Still, these programs are more readily available in larger metro areas, such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and so on. With online courses, it doesn’t matter where they—or you—are located.

What you learn is more important than where you learn it

For many traditional industries, formal education from prestigious universities is almost a requirement if you want to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to audio engineering, the skills and expertise you need consist of knowing how to operate the gear and work with commonly used DAWS like Pro Tools, Ableton, or Logic.

You need to be punctual, be able to work quickly and efficiently at recording takes and applying processes in a clean, precise manner. You need to be able to put the ego on ice and work well with a host of different personality types and to take direction from the producer or the artist who is running the session. None of that stuff has anything to do with a piece of paper that says diploma on it. Do your research by talking to a few working audio engineers yourself to fact-check this yourself.

Learn audio engineering in the home or in the studio

Recording Connection feels hands-on experience inside a real-world studio is the best way to learn sound engineering, electronic music production, and other facets of the audio industry. While many audio engineering schools require your presence, we realize that isn’t always possible and want to make sure we made it as easy as possible for you to access our programs.

For decades, we’ve been offering remote options for enrolling in our audio engineering courses. We understand life doesn’t always cooperate when you want it to as job commitments or family responsibilities may limit your opportunities. With our remote Audio Engineering and Music Production Programs, you’ll still get the experience you need to pursue your career goals.

Learning about sounds waves, music theory, sound design, audio equipment, and other aspects of the music industry are integral parts of an engineer’s music background. Being able to learn from professional audio engineers or music producers—in the studio or in your home—can give you the necessary foundation you need to get into the industry and get going in your audio career.

Learn Face to Face in a recording studio

Recording Connection also offers a hybrid of in-person education in which we place you inside a real-world recording studio, pairing you with an industry insider as your mentor who teaches you the craft and gets you going on digital audio workstations like Pro Tools or Ableton Live in real-time.You also get assignments and reading you do on your own time, according to your schedule, via our industry-oriented interactive eBook.

Unlike a YouTube video or online tutorial, you’ll be able to ask questions, share examples of your work, and get feedback from those in the know. If you’re just too busy or don’t live close to one of our mentored externship locations i.e. mentor studios, no worries! We have 100% remote training options too!

Start your music education journey at Recording Connection

Many graduates of our music production and audio engineering school have gone on to find work with the mentors they learned under, been hired at other recording studios, and even opened their own studios. In addition to learning about the technical aspects, Recording Connection shows you how to run a business, get clients, and keep the lights.

Either in-person or through remote learning, Recording Connection will give you the information and the experience you need to begin making a career in the audio engineering field. The rest is up to you. If you make the most of your time, act responsibly, and make yourself indispensable, the sky’s the limit. Are you ready to amplify your life? Apply to your online audio engineering school today.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.