I’m very pleased with my decision to have joined the Recording Connection.  With my decision to join the audio program, I was very pleased to be assigned by the Recording Connection to a very prominent art recording studio, where I reported as an extern directly to their recording engineers, whose guidance has been there throughout the entirety of the program.

I feel very fortunate to be able to learn under Brian, because he instilled a “family” like culture at the studio, and he was very patient with allowing me to work at my own pace under my unexpected circumstances. I would have times where I could devote more time than other times, and sometimes even had to leave the country on business, yet Brian allowed me to come and go through all of that time to learn and pick up where I had left off.

My mentor was always willing to re-review any specific areas of training. The thing I most enjoyed I most enjoyed about being mentored by the Recording Connection, as well as assigned to a very prominent recording studio, where my mentor immediately got me involved in real recording sessions. I will always be welcome at my mentors’ studio, and will continue to get to learn my mentor, and the other trained engineers.

The biggest reason I’m glad I picked Recording Connections is because it is so much more cost effective than the other recording schools that are offered.  Through this very talented program, I got to be involved right away with real professional recording sessions, learning to be a recording engineer by doing the real thing!!!  I wasn’t paying as much as 2 to 3 or even more of the price for a different program to just be in some classroom environment with a bunch of other students mocking the real world experience. That was huge for me.

As The Recording Connection is typically a 6-month program, only after a couple of months into my externship training, learning the skills required for work in music industry, I was hired as a Test Engineer for Line 6, where I now specialize in digital modeling guitar amplifiers and the development of new technologies, attracting the industry’s best engineers and designers.  I am very pleased with the foundation I received by going through the Recording Connection program.

Daniel Neilson, Atlanta, GA

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