Hey guys, Doug back again, Recording Connection Audio Institute. Let’s take a look at your e-book and walk through some of the basic functionality here to hopefully set you up for success for studying, for test-taking, for everything. It’s all here at your fingertips, everything that you’ll need to go through. This is kind of like a textbook on steroids.

So let’s walk through the basic functionality we’ve all read before. It’s very, very simple. If I want to read, I just read. I can flip pages by hitting either one of these to flip pages. Every chapter is laid out in sections. So it always starts with an introductory page, goes to different sections, then culminates with a chapter quiz and a blog entry. And there may be an assignment in later chapters. We have a lot of assignments that are required to do for you. Anything that’s required for an assignment is downloadable.

Anyways, let’s walk through the basic functionality. All of your sections are available to you by clicking this title page here. You can navigate to any one of the sections just from that front page. Also, every single chapter has a table of contents so I can navigate anywhere through the entire book by just hitting my table of contents over here, and I can make that viewable or disappear by hitting this button here. So that is my table of contents.

Click back to the Introduction Chapter here. Now, you’ll notice that there are a lot of YouTube links. All of our videos are streaming directly from YouTube from our personal YouTube account or from partners, people we are affiliated with. To click and make, what’s called a hot spot active, all you have to do is hold your cursor over that hot spot and then go ahead and make it active. Everything is viewable directly from the hot spot itself.

There are several different types of hot spots. Let’s cover those very quickly. There are the video hot spots which you have seen. There are also interactive image hot spots which illustrate certain points. There are what’s called section review hot spots or quiz hot spots. By clicking that, it brings up a form that we’re able to fill out directly and answer the questions to. Now what these were meant for is for studying. So we’ll randomly click answers here.

Once I submit that test, it lets me know what I got right or what I’ve gotten wrong and it’s to help me study. These are very, very, valuable, especially when you get to do your midterm and your final there. Every section, most sections rather will have a section review, okay?

We’ve incorporated a lot of images that are actually built into the textbook itself. Here’s another movie that illustrates a point about frequency. And then there are also audio files samples, so audio samples that are embedded directly into your textbook. Now this particular example gives us a hearing test at which we can see where our hearing ends. Most people actually don’t hear above 16,000 Hertz, but you’ll get into more of that later. Each of one of these is playable and it’s a tone that you can listen to, audio samples.

Also we have interactive, fully HTML, which are embedded as well. This one illustrates how a violin makes sound. These are all clickable links. You just click the part that you’re trying to diagram. And there’s some other things that will be interactive for you as well later on in the book. But that is an interactive hot spot.

Here’s a couple more audio hot spots, couple more videos, and I think by this point you get the message. We also have links, hyperlinks, that are embedded into…these are more audio samples here, more videos. If you see something on the screen, just hold your cursor over it. If it is actually a hot spot, it will activate itself and let you know. All of the content lets you know that it’s active or if it’s just an image, it’s just an image. So you get the point here.

Let’s fast forward here to some of the cool features of the basic functionality. Now, if I’m using a normal textbook, I’ve got to have my computer open or some other thing open. Let’s say I want to look up a word or something of that nature. Let’s just look up this phrase here. Basically to use the full functionality of the e-book, I can actually highlight any phrase and I can search the dictionary. The dictionary gives me the definition of whatever that word is.

Also, let’s say if I want to remember something, I can highlight a section of text. If my mentor tells me this’ll appear on the test, I can highlight that. That way when I come back to study later, I know that this is important information. And all of this, again, is just available by highlighting a section of text within the PDF and then right clicking.

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