“I knew when I was 14 that being a musician wasn’t always a guarantee,” says Recording Connection extern Lindsey Kappa.. “So I ended up going to a concert for my cousin’s band, and after the show, he recommended, ‘Hey, why don’t you check out sound while you start trying to pursue your music career?’”

It was a surprisingly level-headed approach for someone her age, in stark contrast to so many starry-eyed teens who dream of being a star. But by that time, Lindsey was already singing, writing songs, and playing several instruments, and she was serious enough about a music career that she wanted to hedge her bets. So when she graduated from high school, instead of majoring in music, she went to school for audio engineering at IPR in Minneapolis. But even then, her level-headedness kicked in: close to graduation, she realized she wasn’t getting enough hands-on experience. So…

“I did some research and found Recording Connection,” she says. “At the time I was told that my mother and I would be moving to [Austin], Texas for her job, so I started making arrangements…on my last day of school, I got my diploma in an office, didn’t go to the graduation ceremony. Just got all my stuff and pretty much drove from Minnesota to Texas.”

Soon after enrolling in the Recording Connection, Lindsey found herself externing at The Bubble in Austin TX, being mentored by noted producer/engineer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Slayer, Jet, The Dandy Warhols). The bond between mentor and extern, she says, happened quickly.

“I went to the studio, and I met with Frenchie,” she says. “Even on the phone, I knew that were we a good match.’”

The hands-on learning approach was exactly what the young singer needed to begin feeling comfortable behind the board. “My confidence with music has definitely been boosted,” she says. “Of course, there are times where I am a little shy, especially when I am around people who have way more experience than me, but Chris has definitely helped me with that. He helps me make the right decisions.”

Not only is Lindsey learning the ropes, but she’s getting immersed in the industry itself. Since beginning her studies at the Recording Connection, she’s earned album credit for her assistance on a project by label rock band Scorpion Child, and she’s even gotten to add her vocals to a documentary soundtrack!

“We did one track,” says Lindsey, “and [the engineer] loved my vocals…he ended up showing the client who is in charge of the project, and they loved my vocals as well. So they are going to have me sing on pretty much on the entire piece.”

As Lindsey finishes her Recording Connection externship, she’s not forgotten her dream of making it as a singer, but rather, she feels more prepared for her career than ever before. Singing is my huge passion,” she says. “Out of everything, singing is my top…The biggest thing that I want out of music, just in the music industry in general, is I would love to not only sing professionally but be able to go out there and say, ‘Hey, I can engineer my own stuff.’”

Now, whether she’s in front of the mic or behind the board, Lindsey Kappa is comfortable in both places. That’s a great place to be.


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