The Recording Connection adapts to your needs and career goals

“Can I record my own music projects as part of my schooling?”

This is a question we get a lot, and the answer is: of course!

While many of our audio engineering students have dreams of running the board full-time for other clients (either as a staff engineer at a studio or in their very own studio), a lot of our students have other plans. They don’t just want to be behind the board: they want to be the main event. They want to produce and record their own music.

If that describes you, we’ve got great news: we can tailor your externship so you can learn audio engineering and music production by bringing your own projects to the studio!


There are several reasons why you might want bring their own projects to the studio as part of their on-the-job training, and several reasons why it could even work to your advantage. For example:

  • More control over your own work. Many of our students want to learn music production because they are unhappy with the work of other producers and engineers when it comes to their music. By learning to produce yourself, you have more control over your end product—you learn to record and mix it your own way, so it sounds like you want it to sound!
  • Your genre encourages self-production. Many EDM musicians and hip-hop artists are also producers, for example, and it’s common for musicians in these genres to produce their own stuff.
  • You want to understand the studio environment better. If you want to be a performing artist, you still need to understand the inner workings of the studio so you know how to communicate with other engineers and producers. What better way to learn than to extern in the studio?
  • You’ll be more passionate about your education. It takes passion and commitment to learn in the studio. What better way to be invested in your own training than if you get to work on your own projects?
  • It gives you more tools in your toolbox. The more industry skills you have, the more versatile you’ll be in the industry, and the more likely you are to find work! Many successful recording artists are also producers and engineers, and vice versa. Maybe you’re destined for the spotlight, but if you run across a band you really want to produce as a side project, you’ll have the skills to do it. Or if you just need a break from the road, you’ll have a set of skills to fall back on, so you can keep working in the industry, if you so choose.


Let’s be clear: the Recording Connection externship program is NOT simply an excuse to get free time in the studio to record your stuff. As a Recording Connection student, you’ll still need to do the work, pay attention, help out around the studio and earn your mentor’s respect. Remember—this business is all about relationships and connections. If you’re willing to put in the effort and build a relationship with your mentor, he/she will usually be happy to allow your personal projects to be part of your homework and practice.


Part of the Recording Connection enrollment process is to interview you at length, to learn about your personal desires and goals for breaking into the music industry, so we can pair you with the right mentor and adapt your course curriculum to fit your needs. If you want to record and produce your own music as part of your course, let us know, and we’ll work toward helping you achieve your goals!

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