March 25, 2011 Success Stories

Learn what it takes to become a successfully recording engineer from your mentor.

“This week was one of the best weeks with my mentor to date. My mentor and I first covered my lesson reading, except for the fact that he didn’t even open the book to look at the lesson because it was almost all hands on! Then, my mentor and I actually went up in the attic and looked at some old equipment, where he showed me some older patch bays, as well as different kinds of wiring for them. The overall topic of this week from the Recording Connection was signal flow. So, my mentor gave me a couple of sheets of paper and on them was a basic diagram of signal flow through a console. This was a very helpful illustration to be able to visually see how it all works, as well as to be able to refer back to if every needed! Next, as my mentor had a client scheduled to record later that evening, we began working on mixing the clients’ music before he got to the studio. Overall this week was very informative and I really learned a lot. Things are beginning to “click”.
Brandon Grable, Washington, Pennsylvania


Learn more than you could have ever imagined through the Recording Connection.

“This week with my mentor I observed how to set up a drum kit, as well as how to find the best acoustics for the sound you want to achieve when recording. I learned how to set up a session on the mixer, as well as how many takes it actually takes to record a song. We’ve been working with mics, and learning all about how they operate. I love working with my mentor. He’s a great teacher and I can’t even comprehend how much I’ve learned. I’m just going to go with a lot.”
Erin Brady, Cincinnati, Ohio


Learn how to gain creative control during a recording session.

“Today I went into the studio and sat down with my mentor. We started to review the lesson. He answered questions I had about the lesson and my mentor showed me pictures in order to explain certain areas better. Next we started working on a new song that we had planned on mixing. He showed me how to use auto tune and how to use different effects to make the song have a unique sound to it. It was cool to see how you can use different effects to change the song. Then he let me play around and mix the song my own way to see what I could come up with. I was glad I was able to take the creative control.”
Jackson Herrera, Los Angeles, California


Learn by doing with your mentor.

“Everything is going great with my mentor, and I usually always stay past my scheduled externship time to come in the studio. Lately, I’ve been mixing down tracks, mostly for this singer my mentor has been working with. Now, my mentor has just informed me that I will soon discuss compressors. Also, this week I got to visit another studio with my mentor, where I helped set up the studio equipment for a session. Turns out, a woman that works for ABC full time, but is trying to run a private studio to have artist come in, while my mentor and her record these artists’ albums. I also got to learn something new on Pro Tools that I didn’t know, which is really great. Everything is going great with my mentor, I’m having fun doing what I love and meeting new people along the way.”
Jasmine Charleston, Lenexa, Kansas


Learn from REAL audio engineers.

“My very first session today with my mentor the introduction to recording and sound and hearing. First, with the reading material given to me from the Recording Connection, I read about everything from the different careers in recording, such as music producer, arranger, engineer, assistant engineer, to reading about signal waves and harmonics. My mentor first went over the reading with me, moving into the different types of simple signal harmonic waves Sawtooth, Square and Triangle waves. Since today was my officially first session through the Recording Connection, I enjoyed the lesson to say the least. I am in a REAL studio learning from a REAL audio engineers and my classroom is in a professional studio.”
Jon Cornella, Pueblo, Colorado


Go over all details of the Recording industry in-depth with your mentor.

“Today was my first lesson with my mentor and it was a very pleasant experience. My mentor has a very patient nature and has a very calm and collected way of explaining things in simple terms that I can understand. Today, we spent a lot of time discussing the different jobs to be done in the studio. Everything from the artists to the music lawyers, he definitely updated me on some questions that I had from the reading material provided to me from the Recording Connection. We discussed how the music business has evolved and changed over the last few decades, and how the different aspects of the studio have also changed to adapt. Then we went over waves, the different types, the different uses, ALL OF IT. My mentor also has some genius ideas on soundproofing a room. He completely blew my mind when he was explaining why you would leave gaps in soundproofing ceiling panels to catch lower frequencies. I am realizing how much I don’t know, but at the same time, it is making me more and more eager to soak up as much information out of my mentor as I possibly can. In short, this was a very good first session. I seem to be understanding the book material better than I thought. Now I am looking forward to our next session. So far, Lovin’ it!”
Jeremie Killinger, Albuquerque, New Mexico


March 18, 2011 Success Stories

Prepare yourself for the future in the recording industry.

“I had a wonderful day with my mentor during our session. Our session was very informative, listening to my mentor review and explain my reading to me in a way that was understandable, as well as visual. What really brought it home for me was understanding the importance of the levels of sound to the human ear, and how our ears are really delicate and sensitive, as they work like amplifiers and compressors. As a music producer, I like to mix with the volume low, but play the mix back very loud to enjoy the bass and drums. My mentor explained to me how that is the correct way to mix with the volume at a lower level so your ears are hearing at a true sound. Thank you for all the support from my Recording Connection student services advisors, as this is an awesome program and my mentor is great. I’m looking forward to the future, and having the engineering skills and knowledge that my mentor is teaching me.”
Frederick Mouton, Palmdale, California


Receive live demos from your mentor as a way to learn the recording industry.

“My first day with my mentor was very good. At first, I was feeling somewhat nervous before I stepped foot into the studio. However, a few minutes into the session with my mentor, I got more and more comfortable. My mentor is great and made it easy for me to ask him about any questions I had. He is able to explain things very precisely so that helps a lot. The first thing I did when I got into the studio was go over my reading. As we went along, my mentor would stop after each point and explain more in depth of how things work the way they do. My mentor even showed me a few examples of things that were in my reading. For example, he showed me exactly what a “beat” is with one of his guitars.”
Sarah Mak, Calgary, Alberta


Learn by doing at the recording studio.

“Today with my mentor, my session was about Compressors/Limiters, as well as expander’s and gates. My mentor took me through each one of his machines, showing me exactly what they did. My mentor then put music through and had me test out each processor to get a feel for the changes they made to a signal. The compressors were a rather subtle effect, unless of course, cranked up completely. However, Pro Tools’ compressor is a lot more distinct. Learning this information, as well as working with the equipment, was fascinating. My mentor and I have been talking a lot about basic principles of electricity, as it relates to the subjects we cover. The Recording Connection is a heck of an education.”
William Szent, New York, New York


Learn the correct way to record from a real music producer and engineer.

“My mentor is a great mentor and always lets me sit down on recording sessions. Also, if he is mixing a track, or making an arrangement, he also tells me that I can stay so I can get familiar with everything in the studio environment, which is great. Since I began with the Recording Connection program, I’ve learned a lot, because although I have some knowledge in music production and recording, it’s never the same to learn by yourself, than if training by a real producer and engineer teaching you, which is who my mentor is.”
Harold Sanchez, Doral, Florida


March 11, 2011 Success Stories

Take your dreams and make them a reality through the Recording Connection.

“Well, I must say I have come a long way so far and I already know so much more than when I first started with the Recording Connection. I feel that I have actually gotten an understanding of the actual art of recording. My mentor has just been the best teacher I could possibly ask for. My mentor has helped me with all my questions, giving me the best understanding on all the topics I have been learning in the Recording Connection, and in my mentors’ studio. My mentor is just the best! Also, I can’t express enough how awesome it is to be in the Recording Connection. This has always been something I wanted to do, so it’s nice to finally do it!”
Ryan DeFrees, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Learn how to achieve your goals through your mentor, and what it takes to get there.

“When I went in to my mentors studio this week, I was pleased to be able to sit in on one of my mentors’ artists that came in to record a track. Here, I was able to interact with the artist and the producer, while learning the things needed in dealing with wiring and recording. I was also able to listen to a finished product from another one of my mentors associates, and to see the look on my mentors’ face as he played the track, it was priceless. It made me want even more to be able to help someone reach that goal, and to feel a feeling of such achievement after my mentor, and the artist, have worked so hard on something. Sitting in on this session made me feel like I got more of a feel for how things work.”
Larry Johnson, Stratford, Connecticut


Turn schoolwork into fun with the assistance of your mentor.

“This session with my mentor has been by far my favorite lesson thus far. I am really starting to get a good understanding of what’s going on in a real music studio. The more and more I am around the studio, the more and more I’m starting to falling in love with the music industry and my mentors studio. Once I got the foundation after the first few weeks with my mentor, I am now starting to get more and more time in the studio and it’s really starting to turn boring school work into something really fun.”
Steven Scott, Thornton, Colorado


Work with your mentors’ clientele.

“Today my mentor and I spent discussing certain aspects of the music industry, mastering techniques, and troubleshooting with the board. Later, my mentor showed me how to bypass using the board as a master out for his studio monitors by patching Pro Tools out straight into his power amps. Then I bounced a couple songs to mp3 for a client my mentor was working on. There is a real comfortable feel to my mentors’ studio that reminds me a lot of working in music in my personal studio set up. Plus, it’s essentially two studios in one. I am very happy with my mentor and The Recording Connection.”
Will Carlson, Valencia, California


Let’s your mentor show you have to work with equipment for real life situations.

“Today was another session with my mentor and it went great. My mentor has been very courteous and friendly to me and I really appreciate it very much. I was at first having trouble understanding some of the math in my reading, but with the help of my mentor, he drew some extra graphs for me and it was a huge help. I also got to see him work on a few songs for a client. I’ve learned so much just in the last few days and I am really looking forward to next week.”
Vincent Williams


March 4, 2011 Success Stories

Receive excellent support throughout the program from your student service advisors

“I am very excited about working with my mentor. I can’t believe I am finally doing something that I want to do. I never would have thought this would be possible, so I am glad I found out about the Recording Connection. This externship will help guide me into an awesome future and open up a few doors along the way. I really can’t imagine myself doing anything that does not involve music. I just want to say thanks for being such an awesome and nice student advisor, which really helps make things easier.”
Sarah Mak, Calgary, Alberta


Learn what it takes to run a business

“This week, I learned how the studio world pretty much works, from its everyday cleaning, to making sure all clients that come in are treated well and given what they need whenever requested. I also got to me a lot of people and I have realized that in order to survive in the music business, you need to get used to knowing a lot of people. This week was my first week with my mentor and I have to say it has been a great week, full of great things in my mentors’ studio.”
Elliot Rubenstein, Marietta, Georgia


Receive the extra motivation and support needed to work your career

“Today in my mentors’ studio, a client who was going to record a band, showed up. First, we showed the artist around the studio. Then, when the band showed up, I helped set up the cables, and was shown how the headsets work. I really loved the hands on experience my mentor gave me. It makes me remember why I want to do this and my mentor is great. He a fantastic teacher and I feel like I’ve learned so much already from the Recording Connection. The studio is also great and it’s such an amazing environment. Honestly, I never want to leave once I get to my mentors’ studio.”
Erin Brady, Cincinnati, Ohio


Prepare yourself for your future

“Today was week two of my awesome sessions with my mentor, where I got to meet another band, which meant more observation and hands-on time for me, which is very useful for my future career. For practice, my mentor let me work with the mixer the day before of the bands’ recording session, which was very fun. My mentor showed me all of his microphones, and which one was useful for what needs to be recorded. Once again, it was a great time sharing opinions with my mentor, working with another awesome band in his studio, and gaining more experiences. I am looking forward to this weekend with my mentor, as we are comparing our microphones. My mentor knows a lot on what he is doing and is a very great mentor and it is definitely worth the travel. I’m pretty much out of words and all I can possibly say at this moment is that I’m looking forward for this weekend and I am learning a lot.”
Efrain Salinas, McAllen, Texas


Business network with artists to enhance your expertise in recording sessions

“Everything is going great with my mentor. I have met everyone who is working in and around the studio, and my mentor and I always have a long sit down and go over lessons I completed for the week. My mentor is very knowledgeable about what he is teaching and has a very good way of breaking things down so it is easy for me to understand. After my lesson this week, I got a chance to sit in on a recording session, learned how to mic up a drum set, and helped throw some ideas around. The studio was very busy, but a great learning day.”
Justin Anderson, Dallas, Georgia


Learn the business from the ground up

“Today my mentor and I did a complete overview of signal flow, and I charted on paper the actual flow. Next, because my mentor was in the process of “Resounding” the studio, I got to see the woofers, amplifiers, and crossovers out and taken apart. I also got to see the sound traps in the control room taken apart in its “raw” form. It was such an awesome day! I still got a long ways to go but it’s all starting to make a lot more sense now. Thanks again to the Recording Connection for all your help and my mentor is a great teacher.”
Kirk Mangum, Grand Prarie, Texas


February 25, 2011 Success Stories

Learn Audio Engineering Equipment Hands On

“Today at my mentors’ studio, a new student and I had to find out which monitor out of 2 contained a busted tweeter. The monitors are not self powered, so, we had to connect the speakers to an amp to give power to the monitors. I’ve never dealt with non-powered speakers before, as most monitors these days are self powered. This was such a great learning experience. Next, I recorded a drummer, stand up bass player, and a guitarist for a project that my mentor is working on. I have come a long way since day 1 with the Recording Connection.”
Antwan Caldwell, Griffin, Georgia


Learn Dynamics With Your Mentor

“This lesson today with my mentor discussed dynamics. Even though I still don’t fully understand dynamics, it only gives me that much more motivation to learn everything there is to know. My mentor explained it very thoroughly, as there is really a lot to know and I understand, which doesn’t take just one week to learn. Now, I want to practice as much as I can and really get the concept of dynamics down. I now understand the basic concept of how these work, and my goal is to perfect these dynamics. I am really starting to get comfortable in my mentors’ studio, and I am now trying to take an active role at the studio, of course without overstepping any boundaries. I am now familiar with how everything works. My mentor even had a session this Saturday, and the engineer left the room for a while so, while he was gone, I got the opportunity to record part of a multi-track jazz session.”
Alan Smith, Auburn Hills, Michigan


Hands On Learning in a Real Recording Studio

“Today my mentor walked me through his studio. I am drawing out the studio, and the different inputs, so that when my mentor has me help out in a recording session, I will know what connects to what. Everything is great over at the studio with my mentor. The studio is awesome and my mentor knows his stuff! He is very easy to work with, helping me with any questions that I may have. Thank you Recording Connection!”
Brian MacLean, Akron, Ohio


Learn in a Professional Environment

“For my first day in the studio with my mentor, I was welcomed right away, as well as introduced to everybody in the studio. All the engineers told me to “never be a stranger to anyone who walked in”. During my session, I learned how the dynamics and the vibe of the studio changes based on someone new entering into the room, and how it changes depending on who they are as well. I then learned about the different areas of work I can get into in the music engineering field, and also about the different parts of sound: attack, decay, sustain, release. After the lesson with my mentor, a producer from MTV came in to work with a model who would be singing for my mentor. I sat in and watched how it all went down. It was a great, comfortable and a laid back environment. I became acquainted with both the producer and the artist. Then, even on break, I became even further acquainted with one of the engineers and had quite an extensive talk with him.”
Daniel Gronachan, Holtsville, New York


Observe Your Mentor

“Today was my very first day of my course with mentor and I enjoyed it. It was an amazing time; I got to meet a band called “Fifty Dollar Dynasty”, observing every moment of their recording, as they were a very talented band. Next, an engineer in my mentors’ company showed me what was called Melodine, as well as what it is, which is an alternative to a software called Autotune. This alternative seemed to have been a much simpler program than Autotune, and I may think of buying the program for myself for auto-pitch correctioning. Overall, my session with my mentor was amazing and I am looking forward to going back soon!”
Efrain Salinas, McAllen, Texas


Review Curriculum with a Real Professional

“On the second lesson we once again started with the quiz, which we went over. Then we discussed all that was covered in the reading material. First we started by discussing sampling rate and how it realties to the reality of recording. Ashley then went over the myths surrounding sampling rates and how higher and lower is read in the DAW. We then discussed dither and he showed me how it applies on an actual track. We then spent the rest of the lesson looking at how the methods described relate to real life. I love working with Ashley. He’s great at showing me how things work and applying them to the actual process of recording.”
Erin Brady, Cincinnati, Ohio


Real Recording Sessions

“Today with my mentor, we recorded a handful of voice actors for a company that hired my mentor for. Then, later on that day, my mentor decided that I should be able to handle the session all by myself. I am very glad I got this opportunity to take charge and run a session. Moreover, I’m glad my mentor, and the other engineers, trusted me to handle that kind of responsibility. The session, in my opinion, went as well as it possibly could with me running things. Next, my mentor and I discussed compressors during the downtime in this session. I really enjoyed this review because I had almost no idea how compressors really worked. My mentor gave me some great tips while using them, and I now feel I have a much better understanding of how to utilize them in the future. I am having a great time.”
Jacob Altaras, Kirkland, Washington


February 18, 2011 Success Stories

Learn Microphones With Your Mentor

“My session with my mentor today was very challenging, as I had little to no familiarity with microphones and their designs. However, my mentor did a great job at simplifying the lesson, making it practical enough for me to understand. He showed me the various mics that are in the studio, briefly explaining to me some of the dynamics in which he selects his mics for recording. Then, I was actually allowed to take several tracks and adjust volume levels using Pro Tools software, in which my mentor said I did a good job at accomplishing. I have been having such a great time with my mentors and I am learning so much. Thank you for all your help Recording Connection.”
Anthony Hankins, Lake Elsinor, California


Can’t wait to get in the studio next time

“My first lesson with my mentor went very well and I learned a lot from all of it. The first two hours we were discussing what my reading material, and what I had learned from it. My mentor broke down everything for me so it was easily understood, in which I got to ask my questions as we reviewed. Next, a band came in the studio and I helped my mentor set up all the mics and cables, making sure things went smoothly through the set up. He showed me how to set up and organize the signal flows in the studio, as well as on the Pro Tools program. I got to sit with him through the entire recording session, watching him record the tracks and work with the band to make the music sound how the artists wanted. I can’t wait to get in the studio next time and learn even more.”
Mike Dudek, Export, Pennsylvania


Record Your Music in a Real Recording Studio

“My first session with my mentor went very well. I even got to sit in and helped record and lay down some tracks for a classical guitar and piano player. I am going in tomorrow to go over the first lesson, I am very anxious and excited.”
Dominic Rubino, Newport Beach, California


Learn in a Real Recording Studio

“I had a really good time with my mentor yesterday, for my first official session. I’m really looking forward to learning all about audio engineering, as me and my mentor connected pretty fast. He really knows his stuff about the music industry. We talked about a lot of things during our session, such as signal flow, operating a Patch Bay, Mic Preamp, and digital and analog console. We also talked about dynamic mics, as well as how they should be used with certain instruments. My mentor said we will be looking more into certain instruments during our next session, I’m really excited.”
Thomas Hairston, Pineville, North Carolina


Look Forward to the Future

“I learned a lot in my first session with my mentor today. I learned how our ears perceive sound, and all the jobs are within the music business. I found out how different waveforms work with harmonics, and I now know what amplitude and frequency means. I really like the Recording Connection program and I am looking forward to learning more. My mentor is a really cool, laid back, guy. Because of this, I get along really well with my mentor, which makes it really easy for me to learn the lesson. Thanks Recording Connection.”
Sean Dunwoodie, Morgan Hill, California

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