My experiences with the Recording Connection program have been extremely beneficial.  When I first started the program, we did not work on any hands-on work.  I was able to review the lessons and reading material from the Recording Connection, as well as sit in on the recording sessions and observe.  That is when I decided at this initial stage in the program, to act as a “fly on the wall” whenever in sessions.  I observed the way the recording sessions were run, collecting a foundation for myself and always taking notes.

As the program progressed, I had established my foundation and really found myself getting more and more hands on assignments.  The program started looking moving more and more into training me as the assistant engineer.  I started micing equipment and working with all the clients and recording artists.  I really began to develop my skills at that point, learning the business side, and not only the audio side of the program.  I learned the only way to gain all of the skills and experience is to work in a real studio. To get your reading curriculum done, then apply it to my mentorship, really fine-tuned my skills.

As I continued the program, I noticed that there were many interns in the company, which really showed me how much competition I had.  However, the Recording Connection program is what kept me going and really fueled me to go above and beyond to produce quality work, and continue to fine-tune my skills in the recording industry.

By the time I had graduated I knew the entire Recording Connection program, including how to run the company at my mentors’ studio.   My mentor saw that I had developed into a qualified asset of his team and offered me a position of First Engineer.  I gladly accepted, was able to quit the job that I had been maintaining to have financial income, and now am able currently working as the First Engineer for my mentor, now able to focus on my passion and my career.  Since my new position, I have been working with bands such as POD, whom I am currently collaborating with.  Not only do I work with the artists, but I am now getting more into the production side of the business, allowing me to be creative by song writing, which I am in the process of doing for some clients.

The Recording Connection 100% shaped my career success.  The Recording Connection got me in doors.  Before I found the Recording Connection program I was at a dead end.  I am now finally at a point in my life, and career, that I have always wanted.

–Blake La Grange, Las Vegas, NV

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