More Questions About Recording Connection

What is included?

  • A private teacher in a real recording studio.
  • Our course curriculum taught by that teacher.
  • The opportunity to extern and intern in that studio and make real-world connections while taking our structured course curriculum.
  • Your very own Student Services Representative who calls you every 2 – 4 weeks to assist you and make sure you’re going to class.
  • Upon graduation, a certificate of completion that certifies you as a Recording Connection Certified Assistant Audio Engineer, plus one more full year of job placement assistance.


How often will I go to class, the studio, station, or film company for class?

Some students go twice per week, others go 5 times per week, others still go 7+ times per week. All students start off at twice per week until Lesson 4, or four weeks in. At this point, if you desire to go more than twice per week, and you have no excessive truancies or unexcused absences, we can arrange for you to go 3, 4, or 5 times per week, at no additional charge.

When do your semesters start?

We are pleased to offer open enrollment, year-round, to all students. This means you can start at any time.

Is this a structured course? Or is this just a “FETCHING COFFEE INTERNSHIP”?

This is a structured course. There are 20 lessons per course, plus 100 hours of extra credit, plus another 20 lessons of Job Placement Assistance, for a total of 40 lessons and 100 hours of extra credit. So no, this is not an internship. However, we do offer plenty of opportunities to be an intern as you work through your externship. As a Recording Connection student, you will be taking our course one-on-one in private sessions, and doing lab work. But the good news is you will also be given the opportunity to do internship work while you extern. These two taken together, externing and interning, allow you to learn the trade as you “pay your dues” and make connections in the studio.

How many lessons are in your course?

There are 20 lessons. An overview of our structured course curriculum is available here. Upon completion of the 20 lessons, graduates will be offered another 20 lessons as part of our Stay Connected Job Assistance Program.

What if I don’t like my teacher?

We will transfer you after you have completed four lessons, as many times as you need to be transferred until you are satisfied.

Is everyone accepted into the program?

No. You will be invited into the program if you make a lasting first impression at your open house meeting with your prospective mentor. Our admissions staff will help you prepare for this meeting.

Once I graduate, will I be certified?

Yes. You will receive a certificate of completion, which signifies to the music recording industry that you have enough experience to hold a position as an Assistant Audio Engineer or Audio Engineer. You will also have accumulated at least 6 months of real life studio experience which makes you more employable than any student coming out of a technical college or traditional school. Real-life experience is what employers in this industry are looking for.

What is the difference between a mentor and a teacher?

Mentors usually help with career advice and guidance, while teachers simply teach a course. Typically, the best teachers are also mentors. (Remember the movie Dead Poet’s Society?).  With the Recording Connection, your teacher (a working professional audio engineer or music producer) also serves as your personal mentor.

How does this compare to other schools?

See how we compare to other schools here.

Can I associate with my mentor and go into the studio after I finish the course, after I graduate?

Absolutely, yes.  If you are invited back to your mentor’s studio, we not only have no problem with that, we encourage it. We urge all of our students to show up to every class, never be late, be dutiful and helpful and build a relationship with your mentor that will last a lifetime.

Is this too good to be true?

We are the real deal. Click here to listen to what real students say about us. None of them are scripted. They are talking about us in their own words. None of the students or mentors are fake. They’re all real. They just like us for who we are what we’ve done for them.   Apply Now to the Recording Connection Audio Institute

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.