“I am a vocalist and keyboardist currently now working in Chicago. I have loved playing and making music ever since I can remember. I decided to open my own home studio, but didn’t know much at the time. So I found myself at my local music store asking them how to get started. I bought my first interface, software, and a new computer and I was on my way. Or so I thought.

After years of recording smaller projects and demos I wanted more. I was stuck. I knew that if I wanted to work with higher-end clients that I needed a better foundation and more training. I also had to find a program that allowed me to hold a job and learn at the same time. After some soul searching and lots of research, I finally found the Recording Connection. As soon as I walked into my mentor’s studio, I knew that this was it!! My mentor was incredible! He really taught me the things I needed and wanted to know. I was so passionate about learning everything and anything I could, and he gave me all he had. Finally after learning about signal flow, micing techniques, and dynamics… all the dots started to connect for me.

It’s about a year since I graduated from the Recording Connection. Through much hard work and networking, I am now engineering for a famous producer in a studio in Chicago. I now work with some of the best musicians and artists in the music business and I am grateful to my mentor and the Recording Connection for teaching me the skills I needed to fulfill my dream. Thanks!”

Joey Merichko, Frankfort, IL

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