Before I joined the Recording Connection program I was a guitar player, as well as an aspiring hip-hop producer, who needed to get his foot in the industry.  Looking back I remember I was making a lot of beats, trying to figure out how I was going to advance myself within the music industry.

I knew I needed to get some kind of education if I was going to further myself, which is when I found the Recording Connection.  I joined after speaking with a few of the team members with the program, as well as discussing the program curriculum and how it was a mentor-based system.  Plus, once I met my mentor for my initial interview I knew it was a world class studio with professionals behind everything.  This is when I decided it would be foolish to not follow through with it and I decided to join the Recording Connection.

I learned a lot about the general functions of a studio, I learned a lot about compression and EQ and really all the technical aspects as well as the PR and business side of things too. I now am confident when approaching mixing and recording in my own home studio because I have seen it done by professionals.

At the beginning of the program my mentor asked me to come on as an extern under the Recording Connection, which I was for about 3 months out of the 6-month program offered by the program. However, 3 months into the program my mentor offered me a full-time staff position at the studio, so I am not only earning my certification through the Recording Connection, but I have now proved myself to my mentor and have earned a full-time position as part of his professional recording team at the studio.  Presently I am really enjoying the program, as well as my continued success within the music industry.  I am continuing to gain experience and perfecting my beats so I can take the hip-hop world with force.

— Kyle McPherson, Clearwater, Florida

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