I have always been very interested in music.  Once I gained the music and engineering skills through the Recording Connection, I continued my career with music, and I have all thanks to give to both the Recording Connection, as well as my mentor.

During my externship through the Recording Connection, I was still a student.  During this time, I told my mentor of an idea I had, which was to start my own business.  My mentor supported me from our initial meeting, providing me with the guidance that was essential to the startup of my own small business.  I simply approached my mentor with my idea, he said it was great idea, and it was all history from that point forward.

Once I graduated the program, my mentor and I continued to work with each other outside of the program, as he began to assist me in the start up of my own small recording business.  Not only did my mentor outlined my entire business plan, taking his own personal and business experiences with the start up of his own company, and applying them to how I would build my own company, thus fulfilling my career dream.  And even furthermore, my mentor furthered my clientele base by writing me the most amazing letter of recommendation, and from this letter of recommendation, he got me my very first clients, therefore kicking off my entire music career and the start of my own business.  Since then, my mentor has continued to support me, assisting me and even suing his own business connections to continue to build my entire company clientele base, all from my mentors’ doing.

Am an now proud to report that I am now the owner of my very own company,” SLBVM Recordings”, and I have the Recording Connection, and my mentor to thank for my success.  Now that I have gotten the company up and running, my mentor continues to guide me, and show me the correct steps to take to continue thriving in the music industry.

Scott Buzzell, Baldwinsville, NY

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