Degrees and Diplomas Are Irrelevant in Music and Recording

Unless you desire to be a music label accountant, a college degree or diploma is not a job prerequisite. Degrees and diplomas carry no weight when it comes to getting hired in the music or audio business–none whatsoever. Unfortunately, the goal of most music schools, audio engineering schools and recording schools is to grant you a diploma. With the Recording Connection, however, the goal is always to get you hired. We do this by concentrating on what’s necessary for you to learn in order to make yourself attractive to those who do the hiring in the audio and music industries. The Recording Connection believes the best way to learn a job is to do the job. By learning your craft during real-world music recording sessions from your own personal tutor (a working recording professional), you gain real-world experience and real-world connections that no college campus can duplicate. That’s because in traditional recording schools, everything works perfectly, while in the real world, Murphy’s Law holds true (“If something can go wrong, it will”). If you haven’t experienced that sinking sensation of having things fall apart in the middle of a session during your training, you aren’t ready to be hired. Industry pros know this. That’s why they don’t hire someone just because they have a diploma, and are reluctant to hire people fresh out of music schools- because those students haven’t yet been seasoned by the real world.

Are you ready for a little experiment?

Grab a stack of your favorite CDs, or go on to iTunes and write down a list of your favorite artists. Research who produced or audio engineered the records that you love the most, and write down their names. Then, call us at 800-755-7597, and ask us if the music producer or audio engineer on your list went to a traditional audio or recording school. We think you’ll be shocked at the answers. The truth is, none (and we mean NONE) of your favorite audio engineers and music producers got their break because of the diploma they received from an irrelevant recording school. The truth is, none of them got hired because of the school they attended, if they went to school at all. How did they get their big break? By getting themselves inside a real recording studio or record company. Here’s an interesting fact: most billionaires today, including Doug Casey, Ted Nichols, and Warren Buffet, actually recommend their externs not to go to college. In the words of one of these eminent people, “Going to college in the 21st century is a misallocation of time and money.” What do they recommend? They recommend self-education (reading/doing) and finding a mentor. There’s a reason why Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Records and Airlines), David Geffin (founder of Geffin Records), and Jimmy Iovine (founder of Interscope Records), dropped out of college and became externs on their way to success.

Why the Recording Connection Audio Institute Works

The Recording Connection has been offering its learn-by-doing program in audio engineering and music producing for decades. We know it works, and we know why it works. With the Recording Connection, you learn the music business, and you learn it really quickly. This is because our program lets you learn the job by doing the job, under the direct, personal, one-on-one tutoring of a working audio and music professional who is making a living in the recording specialty that interests you. The Recording Connection is a viable music school alternative because it works, it saves you a lot of money, and gets you into the job market in as little as six months.

What It Takes To Succeed in the Music Business

It takes a special breed of person to succeed in the music biz.  It’s about dedication, focus, passion, the ability to handle the unexpected, and a whole lot more.  Here’s a question to ask yourself:  Are you the kind of person who gets home at 6AM after working a 20 hour day, and when your alarm wakes you in two hours at 8AM for a 10AM session call, you can’t wait to jump out of bed and get back to the studio?  If you aren’t, don’t bother applying with us, because you don’t have what it takes. The real success stories are the people who wake up on their own at 6:45AM and already out the door at 7AM.  And wanting it to never stop–you have to want that, too.  And it’s not about the money.  It’s about the work.  It’s about being a part of creating something out of nothing.  It’s the satisfaction of having pulled off something great, something that you know you have a right to be proud of. It’s this passion for the work that is essential to success. That’s why we only accept one out of every twenty applicants (5%) to the Recording Connection.  We don’t want to waste your time.  We don’t want to waste our mentors’ time, either. The good news is that because the Recording Connection’s admission standards are so high, we have an exceptional record of job placement. Many of the students who complete the entire Recording Connection six-month curriculum find employment in the music industry within a year of graduation.** Job placement statistics represent the percentage of students who graduated between May 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014 and found work related to their studies within six months of their graduation.

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