“I have been a drummer and a writer all of my life, and I used to act, so I love performing and singing as well. I had grown up playing and making music with so many friends from home, so I have always been comfortable in a studio, back/on-stage, or in a collaborative, constructive and creative environment. I knew I wanted to work in entertainment industry; I just wasn’t sure how I would be able to get the ball rolling. I heard about the recording connection when I was looking for Audio schools to attend after college, and quickly realized that it would be more beneficial and cheaper than any audio institution.

I knew I wanted to be in New York, so I did my research and asked to be put in a very prominent recording studio. From day one I knew it was the place for me, relaxed atmosphere, great staff of good people, amazing room located in the center of the universe. I started applying myself from day one trying to be proactive and helpful wherever I could, and I became acquainted with the staff and regular studio goers. As time progressed, I started sitting in on more sessions and meeting artists, producers, engineers and accomplished entrepreneurs and personalities who were able to offer me real opportunity. After several months I was taken on as an intern. I learned so much about working in a studio environment that first six months; it’s hard to even fathom how far I’ve come in such a short time (Not even taking into account the technical aspects).

I was familiar with Pro Tools prior to enrollment; however, the studio’s vast array of the best outboard gear, microphones and software that money can buy has certainly opened my eyes to the limitless control, technical achievements and expectations of this industry. By being outgoing, humble, and making relationships with the people I met in-studio; I was able to sell myself and create connections. I played with some bands, produced some songs with people, and am now focused solely on a project I am embarking on (with my partner and co-extern from the recording connection, where we work with the same mentor. We are two pieces of the band and potentially touring NYC and maybe even South America!!!”

— Jesse Rothman, Lebanon, New Jersey

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