LOS ANGELES, CA, October 1, 2012–The Recording Radio and Film Connection is proud to announce another partnership between our program and an organization dedicated to education and opportunity for those in need. Our program’s CEO Jimi Petulla and Consultant Brian Kraft, had the chance to meet David Lynch, a living legend in American cinema, at his home in Los Angeles. From that visit our programs have agreed to partner in donating to The David Lynch Foundation!

Established in 2005 The David Lynch Foundation funds the teaching and practice of stress reducing techniques to at-risk groups. With scientifically proven methods of meditation, like Transcendental Meditation, the foundation is helping students, veterans (and their families), Native Americans, the homeless and inmates gain relief from high levels of chronic stress and stress-related disorders. Through a higher understanding of consciousness The David Lynch Foundation is helping the people of this country improve their health, reduce stress, and improve academics through the potential of the brain and mind. Check out more about David Lynch’s belief in these practices from the following interview.

With Transcendental Meditation (TM) inner city students are learning to reduce the acute stresses that come with being an adolescent in todays public schools. The distractions of todays society
undermines the learning experience our students need to improve their performance. Through practices like ‘The Quiet Time Program’ students spend time meditating in silence to develop a
sense of peace that helps schoolchildren come to terms with the importance of education and bring harmony to the schools themselves. Hear what a member of the Board
of Advisors of The David Lynch Foundation, has to say about its benefits:

The Foundation also funds university and medical research to assess the effects of TM on academic performance, ADHD and other learning disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, cardiovascular disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and diabetes. The Foundation’s programs have been researched at leading medical schools, have been endorsed by private foundations, government agencies including the National Institutes of Health and has been implemented by several school districts and departments of corrections.

The benefits of TM are not only praised by members of the medical, educational and professional fields the world over. Brian Kraft, RRFC’s own consultant, has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for many years. Under the tutelage of Jesse Berkowitz, a prominent figure in bringing TM to the world stage, Mr. Kraft has been able to tap into his own ability and help spread the benefits of our program world wide. His efforts have brought professional and artistic success to thousands of graduates simply by quieting his mind twice a day for twenty minutes. Brain has also collaborated with officials from the Maharishi University, an accredited educational institution that combines TM with college
courses, in support of consciousness-based education. We hope more students and professionals will take the time to learn of the benefits of mediation in todays busy world.

This is but one of the many foundations and charities The Recording Radio and Film Connection has pledged its support. Our programs are and always have been committed to helping students and the underprivileged achieve greatness. Our administration understands that through the help we give to the needy across the world we can act towards a better tomorrow for our students.

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