One thing our program teaches itʼs members is ʻperspectiveʼ. The perspective to see why a foundation in engineering is important to all forms of audio and the perspective to plan for their future in this industry. One member, Todd Talbot of Denver, CO has just about as much perspective as we can hope for a graduate of the Recording Connection. We hope you will read his words and understand how working today can help you to achieve more goals than you may have intended to.

“I am working on a business plan now to make a project studio more of a professional or commercial type studio, so I’ve been slowly making improvements as I go and now I’m in the process of looking for an actual space where I can move into to start working there. Aside from that, in the meantime I’ve got Global Noise Media which is my partner Antonio, we are working on mixes for people and doing some small demos and like EPʼs type recordings for people on the local team here. Hoping to do some more of that in the next few months and I am working on my writing chops a little bit. I wouldn’t mind actually trying to create more of my own music, possibly get into writing for film, TV. ”

“We’ll see if that happens. I actually have a friend out in LA right now who I recorded the drums for a song that he wrote that ended up on Jane By Design on ABC but I recorded the drums for that in my project studio and just sent him the files. He called me back a month later and said “Yeah it’s going to be on TV” so that was pretty cool, I’d like to get more of that kind of stuff happening and yeah, aside from that I’m just always have been a player and will always be a player so that will continue whether I’m doing sessions or performing, teaching for whatever that’s always going to be a part of it so I’m working on expanding my toolbox a little and creating more opportunities for myself, the opportunity to make more music and more of the kind of music I like to make. Music, music, music more of the same.”

— Todd Talbot, Denver, CO

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