The Recording Connection Audio Institute Advantage

Don’t get us wrong: some teachers can be amazing. But this isn’t history or math class, and you’re not studying for a career as an accountant, lawyer, or doctor. You’re looking to break into the highly competitive music recording business. Please be advised: learning from traditional teachers is not always the best way, especially in the creative fields like music recording, film, and radio.

Many years ago, crafty entrepreneurs attempted to take the traditional college model and apply it to learning music production. They made a lot of money by charging high tuition costs for trade schools that promised to break their students into the music business upon graduation. But it’s the 21st century, and the truth is out. These for-profit schools are not delivering. Not only are they in trouble with the government, but they are in trouble with their own student body by failing to deliver on their promises.

And that’s where the Recording Connection advantage comes into play. By placing you in a real recording studio where you will learn from a professional audio engineer or music producer who is also your private tutor and mentor, you are positioned not only to learn the smart way, but to advance your career just like your mentor did: with hands-on, in-studio learning.

Let’s not mince words: you will never advance in music producing unless you are in a real recording studio. So it begs the question: Why do traditional schools have classes so far away from recording studios? The reason is that, like many big businesses, they have not properly thought out their mission. They put profits before people. There is a reason that 10 out of 10 audio engineers and music producers recommend the Recording Connection Audio Institute, because we work to get you as close to the people doing the hiring as possible.

Does this mean we guarantee you a job? Most certainly not, but we do get you into a real recording studio. If you can’t succeed at a real recording studio, how are you ever going to make it while stuck in a classroom?








With the Recording Connection, your classroom is in a real recording studio and your mentor is always a music producer, audio engineer or studio owner. As you take our structured course curriculum from this “master,” you will also benefit as an extern learning from someone with real world experience. Think of all the exciting real-world projects you might be invited to work on while going to school at the Recording Connection Audio Institute. Imagine working as an extern on your homework one day, and the next, working on real projects for local bands, national acts, commercials, voice-over sessions, and maybe even rock stars.

Are you ready to meet some real life Recording Connection Students who have gone through or are going through our school?

Some of the pros who endorse us:

Warren Huart

Celebrated record producer Warren Huart has created platinum-winning albums. He is well known throughout the recording industry for his skills in developing new artists. Warren has been a producer, engineer, or musician for The Frey, James Blunt, Daniel Powter, Matisyahu, Better Than Ezra and Korn. Some of his TV credits include Lost, Ugly Betty, The Millionaire Matchmaker, and MTV’s The Hills.

Warren lives in Los Angeles, CA and is an active Recording Connection Audio Institute mentor. Out of the five students that Mr. Huart has mentored for the Recording Connection four of them are currently working in the industry.

Josquin des Pres










Josquin des Pres is a Recording Connection mentor and the owner of Track Star Studios in San Diego, California.  Some of his credits include: staff writer for Warner Chappelle Publishing, Co-authored songs with Bernie Taupin, written music for film and television, most recently the theme for CNN’s Anderson Cooper, published books on the music industry distributed through Billboard Publishing, and in his spare time Josquin is a bass player.
Josquin particularly likes Recording Connection’s screening process because his studio cannot handle a lot of students.  The screening process allows him to pick and choose from the applicants, accepting only those who have the potential and drive to succeed in this industry.

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