My name is Jasmine Charleston, and even as a very young child, I always had a passion for music. My mother bought me my first keyboard when I was 10 years old, and from there, I began to produce beats, as well as study the production of music. I couldn’t wait to get to high school so that I could be in the marching band. When I finally did work my way on up to high school, I immediately joined my schools marching band and played the saxophone for 2 years, and then for the remaining 2 years, placed the trombone. I knew, even before I graduated high school, that I would have a career involving music, as well as becoming a successful producer and engineer.

Once I graduated high school I jumped into my search so I could continue my growth within the industry. I researched online for different school options, and what seemed too good to be true after a long search of a great recording arts school, the Recording Connection popped up in my Google search. Once I realized that I would be place in the real recording studio with my own mentor that is already a working professional within the music industry, I was sold! I quit my job, and moved to Atlanta to pursue my career. After being accepted by the Recording Connection, I really learned so much. I had always wondered, “How to make my music sound clear, how to give it that full impression, what should I do to make my music memorable and creative as well?” Well, I must say I learned all of that and more. The experience was hands-on, which was very beneficial to my learning process. Even the curriculum that the Recording Connection assigned me was interesting because, once it was reviewed between my mentor and I during our training session, I would receive visual examples to go along with my reading curriculum. The mentor had me so involved and that took me a long way, which led to my success once I graduated the program.

After I graduated I joined my mentor’s management company, and now I’ve been working with famous rappers, and ghost writers that are with Atlantic Records, and Interscope Records. I’ve worked out of multiple studios and have made valuable connections with people who are in the industry. At this time, I am currently only 20 years old and I’m doing what I love to do for a living and I have the Recording Connection to thank, as well as the in-depth training received from my mentor, and the guidance provided to me once I received my certification. I was really close to attending a school for $80,000 just to sit in a class with no hands-on experience. However, with Recording Connection I got all the hands-on experience I needed, there is no classroom setting, just a studio, my mentor, and myself.

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