April 29, 2011 Success Stories

Learn by doing.

“My mentor actually brought in several mic examples into our session today, and took a couple apart to show me their inner workings. It was also helpful to have my mentor explain the polar patterns, while having a real mic right in front of us. Going over the information that I am assigned through the Recording Connection program with a real studio engineer, allowing me to have one-on-one time, is filling in a lot of questions that I have always had. My mentor really puts a real world spin on all this information I am learning! This is very incredible and I am immensely enjoying this!
Brent Roberts, Windham, Maine


Apply your reading lessons to your sessions with your mentor.

“Today my mentor and I spent a lot of time looking at the different mic types, and listening to the differences in their sensitivity, polar patterns, and fall off. This was very interesting to hear the differences in the types of microphones, as well as to get a good idea of what uses each of the different types of microphones have. I love the fact I doing the reading that is assigned by the Recording Connection Program, and then get to use real equipment and actually apply it!
Brandyn Hale, Midvale, Utah


Learn Recording Essentials Hands-On

“Today the session with my mentor was all about microphones, and there’s a lot more to mics than I thought. I’m getting an understanding of why certain microphones are put on certain instruments. I really feel like I made the right choice choosing the Recording Connection, as opposed to other schools. This is because it is as real as it gets without actually working in a studio! When I first went for my interview with my mentor, I really liked the fact that he didn’t sugar coat anything, he just gave it to me straight, and that’s really what I was looking for. My mentors at the studio have a good way of explaining things so they can easily be understood, and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what someone who is trying to learn needs. I am really looking forward to the rest of my time with the Recording Connection!
Aaron Castro, Victoria, Texas


Build a working relationship with your mentors’ artists and clientele.

“This week we went over my lesson 7 reading with my mentor, and then moved into some hands-on work. For this hands-on lab, my mentor and I recorded vocals for one of the studios main artists. It was so cool because we just sat back and spoke for a while in a great atmosphere. I’m pretty good friends with the artist in the studio now, so we were cracking up during down time. The artist also wanted to shoot a little video with her camera so that it could go with the song, and be put on YouTube. I served as the camera man and recorded her in the control room as well as in the recording booth! It was a pleasure and I loved it.
Larry Johnson, Stratford, Connecticut


Learn how to use Pro Tools from an expert.

“Today I was again lucky and got to sit in on another recording session with my mentor. I am definitely starting to like this program more and more now, since I am getting into the fun stuff, like learning about Pro Tools. I am so excited to work with this software, and do some editing myself at home. I’ve always wanted to try Pro Tools out, but was hesitant because I never thought I could learn all about it on my own. But, now that I have this program and my mentor to help me out …I don’t think I’ll have any major worries ever again.
Sarah Mak, Calgary, Alberta


Make business connections as an extern for your mentor.

“This week with my mentor I got to learn about the many different microphones used in a professional studio. I was also shown by my instructor how to properly determine what microphone is best suited for each recording situation. I was also shown how to properly set up a mic stand, microphone, as well as a pop filter. I was then allowed to sit in on the session I had helped set up, and was even allowed to tear down and store all the equipment that was used during the recording session. This week I was also able to answer phones and greet artists as they arrived at the studio. I loved every second of being the extern at the door, getting the opportunity to greet and direct artists as they entered the studio. I love working with my mentor! I learn something new each time I go in to a session with him, and as a plus, he is super cool every time I interact with my mentor.
Kevin Parker, Lake City, Florida


April 22, 2011 Success Stories

Get live illustrations from your mentor to grasp the music industry equipment.

“My mentor and I began this week talking about mixers. Since I have predominately used rack mount interfaces and “digital” mixers in the past, I was looking forward to this session. My mentor and I started out by going over the schematic for the Yamaha mixer Dick uses. At first I was a little overwhelmed, since I don’t have a terrible amount of experience reading them. However, as we went over the signal flow on the schematic, he showed me where it applied to the mixer. This was incredibly helpful to me, and may have been the only way I would have been able to grasp such a concept. It amazes me the sheer amount of knowledge rolling around in my mentors’ brain. I will soak up as much as possible in the duration of this program and our discussion on mixers will continue in my next session with my mentor. Good lesson this week in the Recording Connection and I do so enjoy my time in the studio with my mentor.”
Jeremie Killinger, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Learn as an extern how to set up a recording session to produce quality sound.

“I had a great session with my mentor this week. I am very excited to be back in the studio this weekend as well. This week my mentor and I went on to discuss the “Console Basic Routing and Mixing” and “Basic Microphone Placement.” My mentor then did some live mixing on Pro Tools, and it was amazing how the program works! He showed me how to “Bus”, as well as what it means. I also got to learn a lot about “Amps, Channels, Reverb and Decay”. Next, my mentor showed me how to set up microphones in front of a “Guitar Cabinet, Drum Set, Guitars, and in the Recording room. It was so cool how everything is set up and I never knew if you don’t set up the recording microphones correctly it really does matter. I am looking forward to this weekend coming up with my mentor from the Recording Connection.”
Eva Greene, Winterhaven, California


Learn by doing with your mentors’ guidance.

“The first official day with my mentor we went over my homework and quiz. The first thing mike did was make sure I understood everything, as opposed to just writing down answers for my quiz. Then, my mentor went over each question on the assignment in detail, and made sure that I didn’t have of my own questions. My mentor took special care in taking what I read in the book and making me see how it is applicable in the real world of the recording industry. I also went in a second day this week to see my mentor. As soon as I got to the studio, my mentor and I went over the assignment I had, which was assigned by the Recording Connection. This was a little more complicated then the first assignment, so I had a couple of questions for my mentor, which he answered very well. The lesson was about sample rate and bit in-depth. It was confusing to me at first, but after my mentor showed it to me in real application, I fully understand the concept. I really like how mike can show me how to understand these new concepts with ease. It makes me more confident having a mentor who is well versed in all the work.”
Aaron Ackerman, Las Vegas, Nevada


Get one-on-one time with your Recording Connection mentor.

“Since the last time I checked in a lot has changed progressed with me in the Recording Connection program. As you know, I am working with my mentor, and I must say, he is a perfect fit for me because my mentor is a wonderful hands-on instructor. In just the short time I have been with my mentor, I’ve learned so much about being a recording engineer. I’ve been getting plenty of hands-on training and I am really starting to learn the business of making music. Until next time, thank you goes out to the Recording Connection.”
David Bonner, Marietta, Georgia


Learn the recording industry from the ground on up.

“This program is incredibly helpful. I knew next to nothing about the recording process and the software involved before I started the Recording Connection. Now, I run sessions and mix it down. It is really nice to see how my mentors’ business is conducted, and not just read about it in only in the reading material assigned by the program. Although this program is doing a lot as far as teaching me, it mostly made me want to learn more. My mentor does a fantastic job as well, he really knows what he’s talking about, with his experience really shining through when I’m watching him run a session.”
Jacob Altaras, Kirkland, Washington


April 15, 2011 Success Stories

Take your experience in your home studio, and capitalize on this experience with the help of your mentor

“After lesson 1, my first official session with my mentor, I now am understanding more clearly about sound and frequencies. I somewhat had an understanding before, but now it’s making much more sense. Also, I learned more about the actual music industry, and how it operates. And the day wasn’t even over yet with my mentor. I got to see how a real recording studio interacts with its clients, how they market themselves, and just how they operate in general. I already even learned a few new things about Pro Tools that I didn’t know before, just by watching my mentor in a session, always paying close attention to what he was doing in certain situations, and got to exactly see how helpful it is if it’s done the right way. I loved being able to work with a mentor. I’ve always spent a lot of time in home studios, but working with a mentor who really is the industry, open up all sorts of opportunities for me.”
Aaron Castro, Victoria, Texas


Work hands-on and find your niche within the Recording Industry

“The start of lesson two with my mentor was very good for refreshing me on all things digital. Some important things I learned throughout this lesson were Nyquist-Frequency, compressing audio files, and quantization. I’m really learning a lot and trying to find my place in a technical world. Bright and early the next morning I came into my mentor’s studio again. We had a project coming in to lay down some demo tracks, so my mentor and I set up a variety of mics in a variety of different places. Adjusting everything accordingly, I had the opportunity to set up the patch bay for the first time and I loved it. I was also able to work with some very good studio musicians and it was a good learning experience for me. The recording process is a lot larger than I had previously thought and more is coming into perspective due to the Recording Connection.”
Jason Zinn, Littleton, Colorado


Learn by doing

“This week with my mentor I got to mess with many different plug-ins. I was very lucky to get to sit in, once again, with a very great harpist from a Baptist University. I got to see some effects thrown on the harpist, and got to work with other previous band’s projects, using a lot of plug-ins on drums, bass, electric, and acoustic instruments, getting to see the vocals get tuned on software called Melodyne and am I really starting to understand its purpose! Mainly, I’ve just had a great advantage though the Recording Connection. I get to sit in on a great variety of bands and I am glad to be here in the studio with my mentor.”
Efrain Salinas, McAllen, Texas


Learn how to express your creativity through the guidance of your mentor

“This session with my mentor was an excellent introduction to mics. I really needed a lot of this information and my mentor explained it in a down to earth manner, helping me understand how mics work. During this session I was surprised how creative we could get and make something awesome happen. What an awesome day! Thank you the Recording Connection.”
Issam Pereira, Apopka, Florida


Understand the value, and the steps, in setting up recording equipment correctly to produce hit music releases with your mentor

“This week my mentor and I started by pulling out the mics in his arsenal and going over the ideal use for each one. My mentor has a lot of microphones! We then went into the studio and put them to the test. He had me play an acoustic guitar while we used different mics and placement, this way I could see the difference in sounds in not only different mics, but he showed me how if you move a mic even a few inches in any direction, how drastically the sound changes. This was a lot of fun for me. Next, my mentor and I went over his patch bay and since I had never used a patch bay before this, it was definitely a good experience for me! Not only do I now have a better idea of how it works, more importantly, I now have a better understanding on why in the world you would ever want to use one. This was a fun session for me with my mentor.”
Jeremie Killinger, Albuquerque, New Mexico


April 8, 2011 Success Stories

Learn the tricks to be successful, making your recording artists satisfied, as well as repeat clientele.

“This week with my mentor educated me so much, in which we studied the different types of microphones that are used in the recording studio, as well as out of the recording studio. This reading material that the Recording Connection provided me was very helpful to me because if I am to record individual artists, who all have different types of ranges and tones, I will need to know what mic works best. The reading material, and review with my mentor, provided a breakdown on which microphone is best to utilized for different situations. For example, Frank Sinatra used a ribbon mic to capture his unique sound!”
Frederick Mouton, Palmdale, California


Work with your Recording Connection mentors’ clientele.

“This week with my mentor we talked in-depth about signal flow, as well as the specifics about the console. Next, my mentor gave me this diagram of basic signal flow through a console/patch bay, which has really been helpful. We basically just started at the top and went down the signal flow and discussed in detail what happens to the signal along the way. This really cleared up a lot of questions in my mind! Also, this week with my mentor, we had a rap group that was finishing their album come into the studio to record. This was the first week I actually started helping my mentor work with his clients, which is somewhat of a milestone for me. I ran cables, set up some mics, and helped all the musicians get set up, all the while with my mentor patching the mics/lines to some preamps, getting their levels set. It was such a good feeling to actually be “working” in a studio with a real client. Great week in the Recording Connection!”
Brandon Grable, Washington, Pennsylvania


Take a hands-on approach to learning once you establish your foundation.

“This week’s session with my mentor was on the process of how digital audio is stored, and then played back. My mentor explained how a computer takes an analog frequency, uses a mic, and then uses a low pass filter to sample bits of audio. I was then shown examples of how, if the sample rate is to low, the sound starts to sound like garbage. This turns out is due to gaps in between, thus the sample rate slows down. I really think I am beginning to have a good grasp on what is going on in both the program, and my mentors’ studio so far. Now that I am getting the foundation, the up and coming sessions with my mentor are going to have a more hands-on approach and I am really excited about this whole Recording Connection program.”
Andrew Clark, Ashville, Alabama


Learn what it takes to run a recording session successfully.

“This week my mentor and I covered patch bays. The main issue that my mentor kept emphasizing was that of signal flow. He said it is a chain of sound from beginning to end, where you can input and output various sources throughout the recording and mixing process. By reviewing this in detail, I got the general idea and we both agreed it will take more hands-on time, which is coming up soon! Next, my mentor demonstrated his own patch bay, as well as the four main types used in a studio. In addition to this session with my mentor, I came in the following day to listen in on some overdubbing sessions for the duration of four hours. I got to listen to two incredible session instrumentalists. I was really amazed at their talent level and my mentor also let me assist him in setting up the microphones for these sessions, including screwing in the mics to the stands, picking out cables, and plugging these cables into certain outlets. I am also now getting an idea of which mics my mentor uses for certain instruments, although, I still have a ways to go. Another interesting week for me in the Recording Connection!”
Brent Miguelino, Lenexa, Kansas


Learn the ins and outs of the recording session process.

“This week my mentor invited me, and another extern, to a drum recording. The artist had all the other recordings he could do, he just needed my mentor to record drums with the drummer the artist brought in to the studio. I was there for 6 hours total, with the first two hours working on setting up and sound checks alone. It was awesome! I didn’t realize there was so much precision involved in setting up room mics, and that there was a certain way to coil mic cables. I learned how to do it pretty well by the end of the recording session. Then, the artist came in with the drummer while we were putting the final touches on the set up. It was really cool because the artist sat in while we were recording, sharing his thoughts with my mentor about what the drummer was doing. It was very interesting to see the little things you could do to the drums to make it sound better.”
Evan Michaels, Greenwood Village, Colorado


Learn the terminology associate with recording industry.

“This week my mentor and I started off by going over the hip-hop beat I was supposed to make during the week. I had a little trouble chopping up the sample just right, and wanted to use the Time Compression and Expansion hand tool in Pro Tools. My mentor went over how to slice things properly. The real disappointment was that I had the whole song set to samples instead of bars/beats! It was a mistake that I will never repeat again, and will go back and make the beat even tighter when I correct it later! Next, my mentor and I went over the common signal-based processing, including compression, EQ, limiting, expansion, and gates. It’s really nice to finally know what all these terms mean, and what these tools actually do. Before I had a vague understanding of compression, but now I know just how important and widely used it is. Not to mention the history of these tools, which Steve graciously provided.”
Todd Brunkow, Portland, Oregon


April 1, 2011 Success Stories

Get trained from an expert.

“Today with my mentor I learned about the basics of plug-ins, how they are used, and some of the different types of plug-ins there are. I never knew that there were so many different plug-ins out there. My mentor showed me the basics on how some of them are used. It really helped me understand because when I look at some of the plug-ins, I feel like I’m looking at an abstract painting; I can’t make anything of it and don’t understand it at all. However, with the help of the Recording Connection, when my mentor shows me some of the basics on how certain software work, it really starts to make sense. Its great having a mentor show me exactly how everything works. When I used to research this stuff on the internet by myself, I couldn’t make anything out of it. But now that I have a mentor I have somebody who knows all about it, explaining it to me in a way that’s easy to understand. It all makes sense now.”
Wesley Waibel, Royal Oak, Michigan


Learn by doing.

“Today was an awesome session with my mentor. We started talking about the different microphones, and all of their roles in the recording world that are available to those in the music industry. It is amazing to me all of the different aspects that goes into recording. Next, my mentor and I went into the studio where he had a current project going on and could show me how he had everything set up and mic’d. He then brought me back into the control room and showed me how the mics he had setup, and how they sounded with and without each other. I really can’t explain enough how important it is to me to have the hands-on experience after doing my book work that the Recording Connection gives me. After we were done with our session I stayed after and helped clean and re-organize. Another great session and I cannot wait for next week!”
Erik Edson, Denver, Colorado


Learn editing techniques by an expert in the Recording industry.

“Today’s session with my mentor was a Pro Tools rundown on using several of the most important editing techniques when trying to create the “sound” you are looking for. We used the audio file that was intentionally not mastered, so that I could use equalizer and compressor plug-ins. The tracks included guitar, bass, vocals, two room mics, and of course, the works with the drum set. It was so interesting adjusting the gains and frequencies in order to achieve the desired sound of a particular part of the kit! By the end of the session training with my mentor, I was really getting the hang of these editing techniques, and enjoying the fact that I was already on my way to successfully mixing a song, and it is now sounding much better than before I began mixing!”

Aaron Walker, Reisterstown, Maryland


Get training with using a digital device in your mentors’ studio.

“Today for my session with my mentor, he devised an interesting and innovative experiment to assess my hearing, as well as the way certain mics capture which instruments better. As I played the guitar, he had me play two minutes worth of chord progressions, all the while he recorded it in the main booth. Afterwards, he showed me the mix board and how to activate or mute each mic in order to isolate the sound from each one or few. After this, I went outside to discuss what we had just done with my mentor. I was very pleased and that I had a chance to get exposure in using a digital device and how to use panning, volume control and mic selection to get the best sound for an instrument. I am having a great time, thank you Recording Connection.”
Brent Miguelino, Lenexa, Kansas


Get hands-on training from your mentor.

“We went into the studio and went over the mixing boards with all the input /output controls. We went over EQ and impedance. Steve and I talked about music and how analog is an older type of mixing compared to digital and the characteristics of them both. It was really exciting to go into the studio because I’ve been reading so much about it. It was cool to be in the studio because I finally got a more hands on experience and saw how everything worked.”
Ben Holman, Cardiff, California


Learn to put forth the effort to learn how to use all recording equipment.

“Today with my mentor was an introduction to the console. Right away, my mentor wanted me to draw out one of the channels on the mixer board, and there are A LOT of buttons, knobs, and switches. The only part of the lesson that I had some trouble on were the 4 busses. I wasn’t sure what they were, but Tom helped me search for the answer and I found it! My mentor doesn’t just GIVE me the answer, which I think is good, because it forces me to dig deep and find it on my own. This is very important, thank you for placing me with my mentor the Recording Connection.”
Brian MacLean, Akron, Ohio


Learn how to run a live event, and what it takes to succeed in the recording industry.

“In my mentors’ studio, two of the clients came in to rap in French for a recording session, so it was very difficult to understand anything they were saying. However, I am learning how to get around that. Even though I did not know what they were rapping in French, they do and can let you know if they messed a part up, and all you have to do is make sure they are on beat and are keeping a good vocal level. After a great session that day, I returned the following day for a very long session. The French rap artists were having two concerts that I was working at that day, so it was a very eventful day. I learned how stressful it can get throughout the day when you have everyone on your back requesting for assistance. I also learned how much there is needed to be done during an event. I did non-stop work all day, which was anything from going to get extra cords from someone’s house, to making sure all the bands did not need anything. I can’t wait for my next session, thank you to the Recording Connection, I am really learning a lot.”
Elliot Rubenstein, Marietta, Georgia


Work on your own musical talents and skills with the assistance of your mentor.

“With my mentor today, we first got off topic a little bit and went over how exactly pickups in a guitar work, and how they send signal. I have been playing guitar for over ten years and never (until today) fully understood how the pickups worked! We next started talking about the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones so I will have a better understanding of the upcoming lesson once we arrive at this lesson. This was a good second lesson ever with my mentor! I always seem to walk out of there feeling like I learned something. Everything with my mentor is going well. I am getting the basic foundation of the information from the Recording Connection reading, then taking it and learning a lot more by going over the material with my mentor. I am what is considered more of a “hands-on” kind of guy”, therefore, I like being in the studio and having a visual guide. My mentor even draws me pictures to illustrate finer points when needs be. It may sound stupid but it works for me and I really am enjoying the course.”
Jeremie Killinger, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.