We here would like to congratulate Ben Eklund of Philadelphia for securing his own job just after completing his program. He used his time with his mentor to not only gain his trust but that of his colleagues and made his hiring an easy choice.

While we can never guarantee any graduate a paid position like Ben’s, we are confident that those who can take full advantage of the opportunities only the Recording Connection can provide will find success. Find our more from Ben’s own words:

“I can tell you right now after completing the Recording Connection program I got a job with a company in Philadelphia called VU (Volume Unit) events and basically the company works with an entertainment company called EBE which stands for Events Beyond Expectations and basically the company owns about 15 cover bands that plays at weddings corporate events bar mitzvahs and stuff like that. My company, VU does the sound for EBE so were responsible for being at the studio when the bands showcase themselves to potential clients as well as going to each event with the band and setting up and running the sound. Making sure the music is going smoothly, all the connections and how they sound so right now I’m working with a lot of great artists, a lot of great bands. Imagine, Dreamtime, LA starz, these big high-profile artists in the Philadelphia area and it’s been a great experience so far with them. I’m really looking forward to spending the near future with them and it’s what it’s all about, it’s why I studied audio engineering in the first place.”

— Ben Eklund, Philadelphia, PA

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