These are challenging times indeed. Our hearts and minds go out to all those struggling with the Coronavirus and to the thousands of health care heroes and first responders who are right now working to take our world back from this awful virus.

We will get through this. Humanity will beat this. Please take every precaution as outlined be the CDC, local and federal governments and the World Health Organization. If we work together as a unit and follow the experts’ advice, this will soon be over.

Above all, take care of yourself and family by following the strict guidelines as outlined by the CDC. As you do so, please do everything in your power to remain productive and stick to your routine from the safety of your home.

We strongly encourage you to read this article by the Washington Post about the importance of maintaining your routine (as best you can) and remaining resilient and focused.

We have received an influx of inquiries asking us if RRFC is still open and if Online Learning is available. Our answer is a resounding “YES!” We are still open and fully functional. In fact, our team of experts have asked us to remain open and do everything we can to help students continue to enroll and, if they are already enrolled, to continue with their education. The reason for this is simple: with universities, trade schools and campus-based learning schools closing by the hour, those schools which can stay open should do everything in their power to provide services.

We are doing just that. We are here and open to assist you.

As a Distance Learning Educational Institution with the capability of providing learning by way of both telephone and video conferencing, we are here for you and Open for Business Now.

As things change in our world, and with anxiety on the rise, many questions arise as well. Here is what we are hearing from applicants and students. Please see our answers below:

“How can I get educated during this (the pandemic)?”

“What if I lose my job and need to go back to school?”

“If I go back to school, I’m going to once and for all follow my dreams, can you help?”

“I don’t want to learn at a campus anymore, please let me know how the new normal of Social Distancing pertains to RRFC?

“Can I do the externship portion of my schooling later and start with the remote learning ASAP?”

Here are our answers to the above questions and more!

– We are an Online /Externship School and can train you remotely. Our infrastructure was set up for this before the crisis and is fully functional.

– We have a full staff of Academic Facilitators who can work with you on any day of the week (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm PDT) and take you through our course curriculums, write songs with you, advise you on your screenplays, movies, make beats with you, help you with your culinary lessons, develop podcasts with you, go over tutorials with you, do lessons with you, give you fun assignments, assist you with the your film and TV goals, and take you through the technical aspects of your online learning in real time.

– The externship portion of the learning can be done remotely (for now) via video conferencing. Then, in a few weeks or months, when the nation is secure from the virus, we will resume with the Externship portions of the learning.

– We can can set up Remote Learning with our Mentors as well. So as of right now you can learn from both our Academic Facilitators and our Mentors, remotely from the safety of your own home.

– It is important to keep focused on your goals during this troubling time.

– If you are already a student, stay in your routine.

– If you want to be a student with us, we can set up your entire experience remotely now.

– If you are going to be stuck at home for the next 4-16 weeks might as well be productive and keep things moving with your life. This is important for your mental health as well as your career goals.

At RRFC we’re here to help. Our amazing team members are situated in their home offices and are standing by, ready to assist you.

Please call us so we may answer all of your questions to the best of our abilities:

For Applicants (we are still enrolling and conducting Interviews), call Admissions: (213) 927-6059

If you are already in the Admissions process and are looking to set up a Virtual Interview call: (213) 262-3423

For Enrolled Students with Academic Questions call:
(213) 262-0167

For Recent Grads working with Career Services call:
(213) 262-3396

We are here to help. We will get through this. Stay safe and stay connected.

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