Within 48 hours of your initial application, a Recording Connection admissions counselor will get in touch with you for an initial interview. During this interview, Recording Connection will learn your aspirations, dreams and passions in the audio and music recording fields. You will then be matched with a mentor, a professional audio engineer, music producer, studio owner, session player or chief engineer whose place of work is within 90 minutes of where you live.









This music professional will become your personal tutor, your private mentor, and he/she will teach you just about all you need to know to get your start in the audio end of the music business. By working side-by-side next to a real audio engineer, you will discover firsthand what an audio engineer or music producer does, how he/she works with clients, how he/she records, what his/her secrets are. You will also be meeting musicians, record executives, advertising executives, session players, voice-over artists, other audio engineers and studio owners.











Once accepted into the Recording Connection Audio Institute, you will learn the ins and outs of audio engineering and music production in a real recording studio. The Recording Connection audio program is designed as an intensive six-month course that will teach you Pro Tools, digital recording, analog recording, and more. You will learn the various sound boards or consoles, microphone placement, audio sweetening, and all the other gear that is used by professional recording engineers. After graduation, if needed, you will receive an additional 12 months of job assistance training.











I joined this program because I wanted to further my career in music as well as be able to produce my own music and learn what I need to know about this industry.   I have been learning a lot from my mentor, and he has been teaching me so much about microphones, consoles, and everything I need to know about every aspect of recording the right way.  Most importantly, I have been learning how to get a great-sounding recording.  I go into the recording studio at least five hours a week, and sometimes more whenever I can.  They really are great about working around my “day job” schedule.

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.