I began Recording Connection back in late November of 2009. I had very little experience in the beginning (I played piano and a few other instruments growing up, so I knew how to read music. I also had a job full time at a pro-audio repair service center, and that’s where I started to get interested in recording music).

I really was interested in making a career out of it, so I decided to research and look around at audio engineering schools. I looked at the obvious ones, LARS, SAE, Full Sail, but none of them grabbed my attention (I dropped out after 2 years at a University because I felt that I was not getting the education I needed). I did not want the same experience, so I stumbled upon Recording Connection on the internet, and looked further into it.

Everything about the school sounded perfect for me, and I talked to my parents about it, and so I quit work, and decided to dedicate my time at the studio.

Learning the basics of sound was the most crucial part for me. Since I never learned anything about recording music, it was very critical for me to learn, and everything just started to click after that. My relationship with my mentor is great. Donny is an awesome mentor, and has helped me every step of the way. Once I was getting near to the end of my course, Donny had offered me to intern at the studio. Unfortunately, the intern program fell through (the head of the intern program had to leave), so another student, Monique Hughes, and I decided to take over and run the intern program. It’s been a great experience, and it’s fantastic to be able to learn right there in the studio, instead of in a classroom with a bunch of other students. Once I was completed with the program, Donny offered me to help on projects, and I eventually ran my own session.

Recording Connection has been such an impact, and I’m so grateful that I found this program. I now have started my own production company, SONG Productions, and I am now going back to get my Associates degree in Business Administration to further my knowledge and success.

— Jane Song – Open Call Studios

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