Recording Connection is proud to have notable online music magazine Sonic State feature our “Learn from Legends” program in a recent article! Founded more than two decades ago (in 1994) and based in Bath, Somerset, England (U.K.) Sonic State is a resource for musicians, electronic music producers, and audio engineers worldwide.

Recording Connection’s Learn from Legends is the very first recording arts program of its kind. Students accepted into the program will receive one-on-one training with a veritable legend in the field of audio engineering and/or music production for four to six months duration. Currently, this intense hands-on program is available by invitation only and is limited to students who have taken and performed well in the entry level audio engineering and music production programs offered by Recording Connection or to students who have transferred in from another school or program that is recognized by the Recording Connection audio institute alternative. Students who are selected for this legendary program will get to train with audio music industry professionals whose names are synonymous with excellence. Presently, the Learn from Legends roster includes: All Schmitt, Ross Hogarth, Niko Bolas, Vance Powell, Bob Bullock, Ryan Hewitt, David Huff, Michael James, Adam Moseley, Steve Marcantonio, F. Reid Shippen, Rhaki, Bil VornDick, Rafa Sardina, Dennis White and Michael Wagener.

Sonic State says:

“Learn from Legends” represents the next level in pairing a talented aspiring media-arts student with a world-class professional who can act both as a mentor and a role model, providing the student with a learning experience that most hopefuls in the world of music production can only dream of. A school program like none other…

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