“At first it was very inviting. I walked in there and everyone was, you know very accepting of the program and knew I was there to learn and everything, and do everything they could to make me feel welcome.” Frank Gillis of Fort Meyer, FL on his joining the program.

“A normal day would be: I go in there, they usually have a session signed up whether it?s with a band or you know a solo artist, a Hip-hop artist. And you know, I go in there and basically I sit there and just observe everything their doing from the beginning to the end of the process… I just take it all in, I take my notes. I watch as they would mic the amps.”

“Depending on what the artists is doing: Using the microphones, choosing the right one for the artist and then going in, getting a good tone, you know dialing them in or actually starting to record. There’s a lot more that goes into it that I didn’t even know (after 10 years of recording on my own) going into this. There’s a lot more that goes into just recording a track even if it comes down to just one instrument. I mean you can take hours to perfect sounds and tones. So I do that, I take my notes and I ask questions. You know if they’re doing something I’m not sure of.”

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