“When I first came to the Recording Connection I had some experience in recording, mixing, and producing but my skills just weren’t where they needed to be. One day I was on Google and was looking at recording schools and I found The Recording Connection. After reading into the program i decided this was the school for me. What caught my attention was I would be learning the ins and outs of the business hands on with a mentor in my own city, and of course the price was right not like other schools charging unto $80.000.

I met with my mentor at his recording studio and we got started. He immediately made me feel comfortable in his studio and from the first lesson I knew I would gain from his 30 years experience in the business. Everything I learned from mic selection to mic placement to frequency and dynamic based processors, and studio design and monitors gave me all the skills I was lacking before I joined the program. Within a month and a half I was running recording sessions on my own in my mentors’ studio. I moved through the program quick and graduated in just four months. I was so comfortable with my mentor after I graduated from the Recording Connection I stayed on to learn as much as I possibly could. Since I have graduated I have produced songs for several top independent hip-hop artists and I now have the skills to make my recordings sound as good as any commercial recordings. And just last week a beat that I made won a contest to be in a video game called Rap Rivals and they are creating a character of me in the game as well as adding ways to buy my music through the game. I just graduated 3 months ago and already have several big things going and am in the works to produce a song for a major label recording artist this month. Thanks to the Recording Connection and my mentor my career in music is starting to take off in the direction I wanted it to before I found the program.”

— John Digiacomo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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