Talk to any famous musician, producer or audio engineer and ask them what they have to say about learning, about growing creatively and technically and chances are, they’ll all tell you, learning is a lifelong pursuit. The people who make it are always growing, always gaining exposure to as many sounds and musical worlds as possible. Such learning and exploration is what Recoding Connection Masters student, Taylor Crommie is all about. Having not one, but two mentors, over the course of his time in the program has opened numerous doors for Taylor, whose band, Breakfast, has just signed a licensing deal with Marmoset, the full service music agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

From his first mentor, Donny Baker at ES Audio, Taylor says he learned “all about the hardware” and “why vintage equipment is such an essential tool for bringing life into your music.” And further says, Donny Baker’s mentorship “opened my ears to what it means to be a great engineer.”

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