While many join our program to work in studios we provide many have already found success in other fields and are looking to improve upon the skills they need and other endeavors. We are proud to say our program can open the most doors for our graduates and are happy to share their varying experiences.

“We had a local guy who’s pretty much getting big in Philly, I was there for a show we had with him and I’m sitting there and he’s part of a big record label and me not even knowing him I’m still a little bit starstruck because like I said before when you’ve made it that far and have been around people it’s just great to be in that atmosphere. So I’m sitting there with those guys and you know you just learn that people are like you and make mistakes. He might go into the booth and record something and mess up and I noticed that the tricks Joey (my mentor) was using to record him where some of the same tricks that I use at home when I record so it was humbling for me because I know I’m doing something right and it lets me know that I was on the same wavelength when I’m recording.”

— Anthony Opher, Philadelphia, PA

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