Getting Started

Upon receipt of your completed enrollment application, a Recording Connection admissions representative will contact you by phone to schedule an initial interview.

Our aim with this initial interview is to learn about you- about your goals and aspirations with regard to music recording. We’ll want to learn which studios in your area you’re most interested in. We’ll discuss the actual curriculum and training process in more detail, discuss specific studios in your area that interest you the most, and answer any questions or concerns you have about the Recording Connection program in general.

If, as a result of this initial interview, you would like to proceed — and if your Recording Connection admissions representative feels you’re ready to proceed — we will begin the recording studio placement process.


Where Will I Go?

Recording Connection has been in existence for since 1983. In that time, we’ve worked with thousands of studios in North America, Canada and elsewhere. Our current membership base at recording studios include some of the top facilities in the world, and has never been larger.

We’ll draw from this network to determine which studio, and which mentor, is available to you at the time you’re interested in getting started. You are welcome to point out studios in your area at which you would like to train. We can often get you into your number-one choice, but we urge you to remain flexible during your placement process.

We may know, for example, that we have a terrific mentor who’s been able to hire his last two students, or knows of a pending opening for which you might qualify. Even though he works at a studio that is perhaps further down your preference list, he might present the best opportunity for you. This is why we urge you to remain flexible.

Ultimately, we’ll select the studio (and the actual person at that studio) whom we think will be the best match for you, based on everything we’ve learned about you, your location, your studio preferences (if you have any), and your goals.


How Long Will It Take?

Please understand that Recording Connection mentors are people, too. Just as you’ve taken time to think about and prepare for this decision, your prospective mentor also needs some time to prepare to take you on as an extern. Your selection and placement process generally takes two to three weeks.


Your In-Studio Interview

We’ll notify you of your interview date and time. This is where you’ll finally meet your potential mentor/instructor!

At this point your placement process will begin to take on a much more tangible feel, as you actually go to the selected studio and meet with your potential mentor/instructor. You will usually have the opportunity to tour the studio and get the “feel” for the studio’s environment.

You’ll discuss the scheduling of your future training sessions at the studio. You’ll discuss your personal goals and ambitions, and determine if you feel comfortable and want to proceed.

This is certainly not intended to be an intimidating interview. Think of your in-studio interview as an opportunity for you and your mentor/instructor to get to know each other, to make sure, before enrollment, that the two of you like each other and are eager to work together.


Final Decision

After your interview, we’ll talk with both you and your mentor. Without the mentor’s approval, you cannot be accepted by Recording Connection.

If you are not recommended for acceptance, we’ll evaluate why you were not accepted. Occasionally there are simply situational conflicts, and selecting a different mentor or a different studio will often solve the problem. However, some applicants are not accepted for reasons that aren’t likely to change regardless of the studio or the mentor. If that is the case, we’ll give you some tips and advice, and allow you to apply again after one year.

The final decision rests with the mentor. Remember, when your mentor accepts you into this program, he/she is allowing you into their world, their workplace, and needs to be comfortable in taking you on in this manner before issuing a formal acceptance.

If you are recommended for acceptance, your mentor is “vouching” for you, stating his/her belief that you have the potential talent and motivation to become a professional recording engineer and music producer- and further, stating that he/she is willing to personally help train you personally. This is, of course, a major achievement for you.


Ready to Go!

Once you are formally accepted into Recording Connection, your completed enrollment agreement and tuition are due. Upon receipt, we’ll send all of the required course material used in the Recording Connection externship program both to you and to your mentor.

You are now ready to begin your Recording Connection Apprenticeship!

Get your music production certification and build your music production and audio engineering skills by learning with an industry professional near you.