Many people work their entire lives hoping for a chance to worm a real recording session, to know their work is going to help an artist share his or her voice with the public. When the opportunity comes knocking, we are confident our students can step up and produce great works.

Kyle Thurman is one of those audio engineering school students whom works hard to be able to create great works when called upon. Read in his own words what he has able to accomplish in his mentor’s Grammy award winning studio:

“There was one day when there was a vocalist putting in some vocals on a song and Michael (my mentor) had to go somewhere, so he let me pretty much run the whole session and record the vocalist. To actually sit there and do it on my own, it was pretty cool, that was definitely one of the biggest accomplishments of mine. And also the vocalist let me know how good I was at doing this and it was really a confidence boost on that day… He just liked the quickness and efficiency I ran the session. I didn’t bother to keep asking, if he sang a line, I wouldn’t sit along and and say to him, “Oh, did you like it? Do you want to listen to it? You want to try it again?” I kept the recordings going and asked if he simply would like to try this take again and so on, if not we would go right onto the next line. It was very boom, boom, boom on to the next line just churn them out and he liked that.”

“The other cool thing was setting up before actually recording for Norman Brown, he’s a jazz guitarist, Grammy winner kind of guy. That was a lot of work just setting up the whole studio for percussion, set up in one room and have the keyboards, bass and guitar in the control room and having the drum set up. Setting that up was a nightmare but the coolest thing because it was pretty important for all of the tracks.

Kyle Thurman, Buffalo, NY

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